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Julien-K live in Frankfurt - Full Show On YouTube


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Here's a little candy for our Julien-K fans out there. The entire Frankfurt show from 20th June 2011 on their current European Tour, on this show as support for the band filter, filmed by forum member sckofelng. Enjoy!



Here's the setlist:

01. We're Here With You

02. Futura (DTA Mix)

03. Kick The Bass

04. Surrounded By Cowards

05. Breakfast In Berlin

06. Cruel Daze Of Summer

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tell me one thing... what's wrong with this audience? :|

someone should share video from Cologne... ;)

It has 2 reasons why the audience is low and also not that much crowded:

1st: The event started 1 hour late whcih meant that the band started playing 10 minutes after the entrance

2nd: julien-k were the first ones to open that night, there were people shouting for an encore though :)




Thanks Jonas for sharing this here, i hope y'all will enjoy it :) as for now i dont want to release the DVD, but you can be sure that i uploaded the best quality possible (dvd format .mpg , directly rendered from the master dv file) .

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