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North American Ticket Stubs


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The North American Tour starts in only a few days and so far, we have almost zero ticket stubs!


If you have any tickets for the tour, send them in! pics@lplive.net or attach them in a reply to this post. We'll take your scanned tickets to any show of 2011 or your PDFs of the print at home tickets. We don't post them until after the show so don't worry about your seat being given away or something, and we blur all the names on the tickets so that they aren't posted.


Throughout the tour we'll also take wristbands for the pit, LPU M&G passes, MFR guest passes, the LPU Summit passes, laminates, etc...anything that people have at the shows!


We got them for ALMOST every show of 2010, so congratulations and thanks for that! If you have any for the missing shows in 2010, feel free to send those in (or for any other show we're missing). We're trying to get as many as possible!






20.01, Sunrise

22.01, Tampa

23.01, Atlanta

25.01, Detroit: 1 ticket

26.01, Chicago: 2 tickets + 1 Summit pass

28.01, St. Paul

29.01, Kansas City: 1 ticket

31.01, Philadelphia

01.02, Boston

04.02, New York City

07.02, Montreal: 1 ticket

08.02, Toronto

10.02, Washington DC

11.02, Uncasville

13.02, Cincinnati

15.02, Houston

17.02, Dallas

19.02, Las Vegas

20.02, San Diego

22.02, San Jose

23.02, Los Angeles: 4 tickets

25.02, Salt Lake City

26.02, Denver: 1 ticket

28.02, Phoenix


If you have any of the missing ones, help us out!

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