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LPF Underground v1.0


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a linkin park fan site, www.linkinpark-fans.com will release an unofficial underground album for linkin park (dedicated to linkin park)!


for first ever, first fan site do that!

amazing! :)


this album titled: LPFUnderground v1.0


Posted Image


Release Date: 1 December 2010

Duration: 29 min

Format: mp3

Bit Rate: 128 kbps

Publisher: www.linkinpark-fans.com

Versions: Digital & Physical




01. The Requiem - Live

02. Wretches And Kings - Live

03. Empty Spaces / When They Come For Me - Live

04. Numb/ The Radiance - Live

05. FallOut - Live

06. The Catalyst - Live

07. Bleed It Out / A Place For My Head - Live




01. No More Sorrow - Live

02. In The End - Live

03. Breaking The Habit - Live


Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image



this album comes tomorrow - 1 December 2010

and its free for download.


i think its pretty good idea! for support linkin park

right,its un official ,but its brand new! and make things happen!


what you thought about?

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Also, where are these tracks sourced from? If they're from the DSP's then you can't post this here.

Actually i don't know where they from.

if you want to download or hear it,please check out publisher website tomorrow that release this album.


download link never post here :)

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I don't think posting 1 song from a DSP is going to hurt anything.

yes, congruent!

this album released, its pretty good :)


i thought its nice idea, i hope linkin park know this! its brand new!

a Underground for linkin park! dedicated to LP.


if you want download , go to http://www.news.linkinpark-fans.ir/


i don't know, these songs from which DSP? :(

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