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Julien-K European Tour kicks off today!


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That's right guys, the long wait has ended. Julien-K starts their European Tour today, marking the first time they are playing outside of the United States. As you all know, they have been working on new songs, livening up the sets, and to get YOU JULIEN-K FANS into the upcoming tour, here's a sneak peak into what they have planned.


Interview (click on the videos)


The tour begins in Aschaffenburg, Germany, hometown of our friend Jonas (AndOne). And as usual LPLIVE will get you any information about the setlists.


Ryan posted in his Twitter he is able to perform even though he's a little bit sick and he also said, they will be playing a longer set, including new songs as well as DTA songs...


Personally I'm so excited about this tour, first time in europe, new songs...anyway stay tuned.


How cool is this J-K fans?

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01. Death To Analog

02. Futura

03. Someday Soon

04. Surrounded By Cowards (New)

05. Kick The Bass

06. Look At U

07. Systeme De Sexe

08. Dreamland

09. Maestro

10. Cruel Daze Of Summer (New)

11. Technical Difficulties

12. Dregs Of The World (New)

13. Nights Of Futures Past (New)

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