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A Thousand Suns (Deluxe Version) on iTunes


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I not sure if anyone posted this before or not.


Anyway, Linkin Park iTunes store was updated with an Deluxe Version of "A Thousand Suns".

As stated "A Thousand Suns - The Full Experience", it's all the tracks on ATS combined into 1 track.

All version of ATS on iTunes include "A Thousand Suns - The Full Experience".

"Blackbirds" included as bonus track on Deluxe Version.

And lastly, "The Catalyst" Music Video will be included as well in Deluxe Version.


A Thousand Suns (Deluxe Version)

A Thousand Suns (Explicit)

A Thousand Suns (Clean)

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sure as hell hope not. I hope there's a b-side somewhere.


Me too...I don't understand why Blackbirds is a bonus track for ATS...since it was already released on 8BR and it's also from the MTM sessions. And the remix idea was cool, but I'm not a fan of the winning remix. I'm glad it'll only be on the best buy edition. I want some b-sides, official remixes or demos for ATS.

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Wow...Are you guys really complaining about B-sides..? It's not like we are getting a full 15 track album or anything :\


It's like you guys care more about tracks the aren't on the album than ones that are. LP could just take one song off ATS and call it a bside and you all would be happy, but there would be no difference, it would actually be worse *sigh*.

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