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Hey guys I'm just letting you know that I changed some stuff on the forums.


I merged the Linkin Park and LPLive Corner areas, so we have one big LP area now. All live discussion is in one forum instead of two, etc. Use the Side Projects forum to talk about any LP side projects - Glorious Excess, SURU, Music For Relief, Fort Minor, etc. Lastly, I made a section just for Dead By Sunrise for the time being seeing as it's "THE thing" right now, so check that out here and get some new threads going about the songs and album!


Thanks and enjoy! If there's anything else we can do on LPL to make your visit more enjoyable, let us know. 4.0 is coming along nicely...expect it in less than a month! Amanda has been working her ass off on it! As far as other site stuff goes...that "big" exclusive - YES, it is coming. It's not in our hands right now is the reason for the delay, but I promise you it'll be here. I'll try and upload a show or some more media sometime soon too. Thanks to SergSlim for fixing the homepage loading problem...the site should load 100x faster now - sorry about that!


Ready for 4.0?

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