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I thought I'd post a few interesting interviews for you to check out since we have a few days until the Pomona show.


-Mike did an interview with Juxtapoz, an Art & Culture Magazine. View it here. He talks mostly about Glorious Excess: Dies, his new art show coming up.

"MS: We have a new Linkin Park album in the works for next year, and I'm already working on my next art show. I 'd like to do my next show in New York; I'm looking for the right gallery space right now. After that, who knows? I just look for the next thing that seems exciting."


-I saw on LPTimes that this guy in China that runs the Know1edge clothing line (Joe has some of the clothes in his SURU store) had dinner with Chester and Joe the other day. Read about that here.

"Meeting new dope cats is always a treat, he’s a humble and a nice guy considering his success. I also had the chance to meet up with Chester (the vocalist), which is also another humble nice cat. After that I had new found respect for them and Linkin Park."


-The magazine "Time Out Hong Kong" did an interview with Brad when he was in Finland. That can be read here.

Brad: "We’re working with Rick Rubin, and the stuff we’re doing doesn’t sound like anything we’ve done before. It’s experimental, melodic, really eclectic. The records we’ve made we’re really proud of… but I don’t think it would be inspiring to try and go replicate that."


-Chester was at the Kerrang 2009 Awards (where LP won the Classic Songwriter Award) and did a little interview for a magazine - view the scans here. Thanks to Jas from LPTimes!


Did anything in any of the interviews stick out as cool to you? Find anything interesting?

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need more interviews from Finland!

"What does Linkin Park do backstage?


I just did an interview where I was asked whether I drink beer or whisky, and I was sad to reveal that I’m pounding spring water."


any links of that interview?

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Hey Brad – so you're sitting backstage in Finland at the moment?


Finland, at the Sonisphere festival. It's very metal. Except for us.


made me laugh for some reason

well, it was totally true:D

lamb of god and stuff like that performing before them:)

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