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LPUnderground M&G Emails


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I know I'm not the LPU but I thought I'd try and be useful for a minute.


The LPUnderground has sent out their Meet & Greet confirmation emails for a few shows already. For those of you who are unaware, the Meet & Greets are being done just a little bit differently than before. There are still two members of Linkin Park at the Meet & Greet, and there are still a low number of LPU'ers allowed in. However, the new thing they are really pushing this year is that you have to respond within 24 hours to the M&G email in order to "confirm" your spot. This process weeds out those that have won and will not be able to attend, essentially.


If you are going to a show and applied to a M&G, look for an email from:



Confirmation emails have been sent out for the following shows as of this posting:

-19th July; İstanbul, Turkey @ İstanbul Park (Rock'n Coke Festival)

-21st July; Athens, Greece @ Terra Vibe Park

-23rd July; Graz, Austria @ Stadthalle


Has anyone won one yet?

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i like the whole "confirm your spot" thing. I think that should have been done a longgg time ago,

Me too. The LPU has really stepped things up recently. More band chats, more exclusive videos, more giveaways. They have come back from that big like "depression" kinda thing they were in 2005/2006/part of 2007, lol.


I didn't win for Graz but I'm hopeful for Zurich, Stuttgart or Grafen.


I kinda like the huge M&G's with tons of people and 6 band members versus 2 band members, and 20 or fewer LPU'ers. You get all 6's autograph, you get to shake all their hands, etc the other way. This way you get more time to talk though I guess. There's positives and negatives to both ways really. I'd like to see the 6 system return someday though. It makes sense in my opinion for international shows to have the 6 system at least since LP only goes to some of those countries like once every 5 years or something. 12 members out of 100s get picked for example. Hmm.

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Unfortunately I don't think they're doing a m&g in Europe.

I'm gonna talk them into it :D I mean, they have to consider the fact that they might not come back over here anytime soon, and they also know they have a bunch of real hardcore fans over here that might just show up for DBS at these shows. So it would just be fair of them to let us meet them. It wouldn't even be a pain in the ass for them to just do some pictures and sign some stuff for some people. They aren't very popular here yet so I'm sure they would have some minutes to make like 5 people really, really happy *laughs*

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