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Chester with Chris Cornell - Hunger Strike (live at PR2008)


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The ironic part about this song is for the most part Chester is singing Cornells part and Cornell is singing Vedders part, but if the poster above me is talking about Chester I think he hit it quite well, as for Cornell he is terrible now ( cause he sang with vocal nodes for like 2 years, you can tell the most in the Audioslave live in Cuba DVD ) but if you heard him in his hayday you would eat those words.

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This is true... Chris Cornell may have been amazing, but he's not exactly the best live these days. Chester easily outshined him on that track. I can understand why he did Cornell's parts... Good for him, I don't think he could have done his own part very well... Oh well, as you said, back in those days, these words would have been sacrilegious.


Overall though, I totally love this song, and its the novelty of hearing Chester on it is pretty cool.

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