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Projekt Revolution


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I've been to One PR show.I came around early enough to see MCR, afterwards I saw linkin park. I wanted to see ALL of the bands, but my parents don't get home from work until around 6...

Anyways, I was lucky enough to get VIP seats, very close to the band. The concert was AWESOME. The only problem is, I was at the jones beach show, and they didn't sell DSPs for it. This REALLY got me dissapointed.

Though later, when clarkkent from the NYC bitch committee had his bootleg released I was pretty happy cause it was in great quality and not many shows get to be video taped this professionally.

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ive been to the projekt revolutions in long island 2 years in a row... both amazing... of course they were kind of similar in terms of songs played, but I will still go every year as long as they keep coming to long island or the city... the show is completely worth the ticket price.. i would pay the 50 bucks or whatever it was just to see linkin park, but you get to see 10-12 bands... i bought the dsp for the show this year... wanted to last year, but the guys said "they were sold out"

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PR07 - Dallas, TX

PR08 - Dallas, TX


Both shows where a awesome!!

so far no MnG's from LPU, but I did earn a MnG with Chester during his Ve'cel promotion this past April through LPST.


I was working with MFR this tour, got to kick it with Street Drum Corps, Hawthorne Heights, and Atreyu...

The In/Out employee pass they gave me was badass, got to take all my signed posters, stickers, shirts, cd's, and the stuff I bought at the booth, back to the car before heading to the main stage to check out the rest of the shows. Employee entrance, no security checks or metal detectors, haha {SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif

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Yeah, I was in Berlin on June 27th. The other bands were NERD and HIM.

I have missed the performance from NERD, cause I had a M&G... :D Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh, veeeery nice...


The gig from HIM was in my opinion reeeeeaaaaally boring. Ville Valo were with a cigarette in his mouth on stage... :( The atmosphere was really...well, boring. Just "Join me..." was good.


BUT THEN..... LP came on stage!!!!! And the crowd went crazy.... From the second when LP hit the stage no one were sitting. Everyone were jumping, singing....just fun. The first song was What I've done followed by Faint and No more Sorrow... The whole Waldbühne were jumping and just..........aaaaahhhhhhhh.........


The first song:


They have played all the songs we love so much (for example: Lying from you, Don't stay, In pieces, Crawling, In the End, Points of Authority, One step closer, A place for my head, .....). Brad f***** up (or his guitar was broken - I don't know) to the intro of Bleed it out. So Mike started acapella. :)

Breaking the habit (acapella outro) was sooo awesome. It gives still me heebie-jeebies.

Take a look:


Thanks to god, they have played the studio version from pushing me away. I was in heaven!!!! This was the f***** best show I've seen in my life!!!!!!! I have lost my voice, my head, my legs my all was hurting... but....Thank you so much LP for this experience.


Ok, I know my english sucks. But I hope I've made clear how great this show was....

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Miton keynes show was epic!

Best day of my life to date :D

what was so special about the MK date? was it JayZ? He was at MSG too...

Just that i like all the bands that went part from one and then linkin park top of an already awesome day of giging. What more can you ask for? :D

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PR 07 & 08 in Hartford CT


07 was more entertaining, in that there was more crowd interaction.

08 was better in that I had a M&G {SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif


Chester and Phoenix were the coolest guys ever, so down to earth, fucking amazing {SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif

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I've been to 5. FIrst show was Mansfield 2007, then Hartford and Syracuse 2007 on the same tour. I also went to Mansfield and Hartford 2008 this year. All were amazing. Great bands, good atmosphere (I love the whole day experience) and a lot of fun.

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I arrived about noon for the Alpine Valley show on the 16th. We got to chat with a few LP fans, including a super hot chick! Afterwords me and pops went to get something to drink, but I really didn't want any beer so I got one of those slushies mixed with stuff, I think it had Marguerita mixed in. Much better tasting.


I watched a few of the Rev stage bands, but didn't really hear anything that caught my interest. So I chilled in the refreshment area with a bunch of other people. Around 4:30 they opened the pit up, and I secured a spot at the barricade a bit left of the center stage. My pops was a tad late so he had to chill behind me, and occasionally watch my spot while I went to the bathroom. Street Drum Corp. came on, they were pretty interesting, using stuff like sanders on the drums lmao then Ashes Divide came on, they were decent I thought. Bravery was alright as well. But the show really took off once Chris Cornell and the gang took the stage. Of all the non-Linkin Park sets at the concert, they were the best, no contest. I didn't know any of the words to anything other than Black Hole Sun (which everyone at the concert was singing to) but I really enjoyed everything I heard. Chester came out for Hunger Strike which was cool. Also, just before the Bravery was done with their set, I saw Mike standing off stage checking them out.


Then, we have Linkin Park's set. A bit different than the Chicago setlist, in my opinion it was more optimal although I did want to hear Don't Stay and Little Things Give You Away, but they dropped From The Inside and played the regular Pushing Me Away and Leave Out All The Rest. I was one of the very few people who knew the words to Petrified and There They Go, and I was also one of the few rapping to Hands Held High. Also, apparently people stopped hating on Shadow of the Day, which EVERYONE sang to, but didn't hear anyone singing to Leave Out All The Rest (I think that was the one song that no one sang to, kinda odd since it's a single, and everyone sang to the other MTM songs which weren't singles). Chris Cornell peaked his head out from the side of the stage (really funny) and did the 2nd verse of Crawling and the chorus together with Chaz. Later on, after the brief break, Mr. Hahn lit it up with Cure For The Itch, doing some crazy scratches. Brad tore it up with Faint at the end, that solo keeps getting more and more crazy each year eh? Bleed It Out was the highlight of the concert, with an extremely rare performance of SCOM complete with rocker wigs. Street Drum Corp. did a nice job complementing the songs with their own style of tribal drums.


After the show was over, I really had to go pee and started heading over to pops. I glanced over and saw Mike looking like dead straight at me, so I threw up my hands and was all like "Yeah, Mike!!!" or something to that effect. Suddenly, I saw him toss something up in the air towards me. I didn't even know what it was when he threw it, but I didn't care, I was like "MINE!!!" My adrenaline kicked in and with one hand I snatched a black Monster Energy hand towel and quickly protected it in my chest. It was possibly the greatest moment in my life, and I was screaming like crazy "I fucking caught it!!!" Some chick tried to trade me for her hat, and I was like "Mike Shinoda didn't wear that hat lolz" then I ran off to show pops.


That's the most that I remember off the top of my head. Great night, it was my first LP concert and one that I will not soon forget.

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The gig from HIM was in my opinion reeeeeaaaaally boring. Ville Valo were with a cigarette in his mouth on stage... :( The atmosphere was really...well, boring. Just "Join me..." was good.

I love H.I.M. but they are ALWAYS like that...its unique in a cool way though.



anyways ive been to

PR07-Dallas, TX

PR07-The Myspace one in Michigan(visiting grandparents and go to go B)

PR08-Bonner Springs, KA


(I Live in OK btw)

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PR04 - Dallas

PR07 - Selma

PR07 - Dallas

PR07 - The Woodlands


All were awesome but the best was probably 2004 cause it was my first concert ever. LP's set was simply amazing for that tour. 2nd best was probably The Woodlands cause I was at the very front up against the bar and Mike came down for In The End and stood on the bar and grabbed my hand so he wouldn't fall over haha.

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I was supposed to go to Holmdel this summer, but my friend cancels two days before the show so i didnt get tics.... and i found really good ones too like rite by the stage for $70!!!!! I am so pissed tho cuz i wudve killed to see PMA studio played live. But still i got to see them in Mad Sq. Garden in Feb and there were some rare songs there.

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