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Video: Julien-K + Dead By Sunrise @ Club Tattoo 13th Anniversary (Multicam)


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On July 20th last year we shared on our social platforms a rough edit we did of Dead By Sunrise performing 'Morning After' at the Club Tattoo 13th Anniversary Party on May 10, 2008. The video got some good reactions from our followers, so we decided to do something special for Chester's birthday this year: a multicam edit of the show using all available video recordings.


This was a very special show as it was the full band live debut of Dead By Sunrise. The short set consisting of 3 songs came right after the Julien-K concert at the event. Chester said the band wanted to give fans a little preview of what their album would sound like. This was the first time that 'Walking In Circles' and 'My Suffering' were performed live, both still in their demo forms. It was also the very first live performance of 'Morning After' by Dead By Sunrise, following Chester's performances of the song with Linkin Park and Bucket Of Weenies.


The video we're bringing you today consists of 3 different audience videos of 'Walking In Circles', 4 audience videos of 'Morning After' (as well as proshot clips), and, unfortunately, only 1 video for 'My Suffering'. We used the best audio available for each song.


As a bonus, we're also bringing you 3 songs from the Julien-K set: 'Death To Analog', 'Kick The Bass' and 'Maestro'. While the full show was recorded in video, the audio for the full show recording is completely distorted. Those 3 songs were all we could use as they were the only ones recorded by other tapers.





"Out Of Ashes (15th Anniversary Edition)" is coming on April 20, 2024 for the Record Store Day. The new vinyl features the entire acoustic set from the Dead By Sunrise show at the Steve Wyrick Theater in Las Vegas, Nevada on July 04, 2009. Tell all your friends.


Julien-K has launched a crowdfunding campaign for their upcoming album "DRK|MODE" at Indiegogo. On this new exciting project, the band challenged themselves to create a purely electronic dark industrial album without using any guitars. Show them some love and pre-order your copy now.

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