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Already Over Sessions EP


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A new EP containing live version of the song Already Over from all sessions will be released this Friday, January 19. The EP also contains a studio, acapella and instrumental version of the song. Here's the tracklisting:


01.Already Over (Live In Sydney) [feat. Stand Atlantic, Between You & Me, & Polaris] (02:41) - 2023.09.06

02.Already Over (Live In Los Angeles) (02:39) - 2023.10.11

03.Already Over (Live In London) (02:40) - 2023.11.16

04.Already Over (Live In Berlin) [feat. DAMONA] (02:38) - 2023.11.15

05.Already Over (Live In Tokyo) (03:01) - 2023.12.07

06.Already Over (Acapella) (02:28)

07.Already Over (Instrumental) (02:40)

08.Already Over (02:40)


All live tracks were mixed by Mike and mastered by Justin Smith. Tell us what's your favorite Already Over session in the comment below.


Source: Apple Music | HQ Cover

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  • martinez changed the title to Already Over Sessions EP
5 minutes ago, Trumtram said:

Just fyi, the show pages need to be switched on those two.

Fixed. Also. the date of the Berlin on the show page needs to be fixed too and the show page link.

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Easily Tokyo, the instrumentation is so exciting, and Mike's vocals are pretty stellar too. It's too bad the other songs aren't on this, COG and RTN are such unique versions. I figure he'd want RTN to draw some attention too 

Anyone know why he has two mics in the Tokyo session? One for dry vocals and the other for verb?

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I agree about Tokyo being the best one. Particularly the bass and the piano added so much flavor (And at times it felt a little Anime Opening-esque 😅), it kind of reminds me a little bit of Miyavi too. 

On a side note, it seems like Already Over wants to dethrone Breaking the Habit in the number of non-DSP releases lol. Can't wait for Mike's next project: "Is it really over? Like for real?"

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7 hours ago, yagamilight207 said:

does this means the Already Over Sessions is finished?


seems like it. Hopefully a tour is on the horizon and/or another new track in the same vein as AO

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