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what is the saddest song Chester ever recorded?


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Sorry if this topic is kinda clichea and some of you might know that I'm not fan of topics like this

But I'm feeling very sad and bad today...I need Chester's voice to match my pain

I don't need to cheer up or listen to sometging heavy but something to understand my feelings right now

I don't know if I explained myself very well...

I can't thinknig anything better than My December for times like this but I like to hear your opinions too

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Obviously One More Light is up there. It's one of the only songs I've ever sobbed over. Valentine's Day ON Valentine's Day hits hard for sure, let alone any normal day. In Between's another good one for me personally. I grew up on every single album, but MTM has always been my favourite era of the band, so a lot of those songs can hit just because my worst mental period was spent listening to that on repeat a LOT.

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6 minutes ago, Somebodyangry said:

Cross Off, OML, BTH and Inside of me, but Shouting out and Sometimes too. 

Sometimes I forget that Cross Off is a pretty emotional one looking at the lyrics. Always hypes me up personally. BTH is DEFINITELY up there, especially the live versions with the extended intro/outro. Over lunch I was just remembering and majority of DBS too, no? Crawl Back in is very traditionally edgy but definitely up there, Let Down always gets me in the feels. Too Late, Walking In Circles, all really emotional overall.

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19 hours ago, Ex97 said:

I think Nobody Can Save Me is a sad because there was hope in the lyrics, kind of like with Battle Symphony. And obviously what happened happened so it can seem like he didn’t overcome his problems. 

My problem with One More Light as an album was that it wasn’t dark enough for me. Like Chester said in 2007 ‘’We’re a very dark band and he like it that way’’. Every album from the band has been pretty dark in their own ways. But One More Light wasn’t to me at all. It was very optimistic throughout most of the songs except for a couple. One More Light the song was sad but it was written about a close friend of the band who passed of cancer so I never really related it to any other situation, especially since I just lost someone to cancer a couple years ago who was very close. Halfway Right is a little dark but that’s only because it’s Chester reflecting on past mistakes, the sound though is very happy sounding, at least to me. Heavy is the only one that I do think was dark because it was directly on Chester’s mindset in his final years and there isn’t really any hope in the lyrics, at least to me. Invisible and Sorry For Now are directly Mike talking about being a father, and IMO are almost like Mike solo songs. Invisible he said is about how his kids might think he is being mean when he’s trying to guide them and Sorry For Now was about his kids being too young to understand fully why he on the road a lot. Talking To Myself… idk, like yeah it’s about how Talinda must have felt when Chester battle his demons but at the same time I never found it a dark song, I thought it was more of him just kind of saying sorry for the past me.


I guess what I mean is sonically the sound of the album is not dark at all. The lyrics and the sound conflict even though I think most of the lyrics are not dark. To me a good example of a dark pop song is the new Thirty Seconds To Mars song Stuck. Love the shit out of that song. Or the new Julien-K single, Your Tears Me Nothing, that is dark as fuck sounding but also poppy. Even Fine by Mike has a dark pop sound that I love. If they had done a dark pop sound for the album with Chester on vocals for most songs it would have been my favorite album, maybe even beating Minutes To Midnight for me.

Maybe they were trying to archieve that deceiving scheme of "happy music with sad lyrics", which was a trend in the early/mid '10s (even Paramore released After Laughter, which Mike said he really liked). A dark sounding pop album would have been great, absolutely. But the problem with OML is, for me, that for the first time, the music sounds generic. Whatever genre LP played, they left a imprint on it. This time wasn't the case.


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