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Mike Shinoda Interview with Ted Stryker / ALT 98.7 FM for "Lost"


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Just now, michalangelo said:

Is it me or this (and other ones) interview builds more hype for M20 than for example OML interviews?


Agreed 100%. They are really hyped up for this, because they have been away for so long and HT20 really had them stuck inside. They are about to kick ass on the promo.

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Great interview. I'm still a little hesitant to say that LP is going to make new music again, but I'm excited for whatever else Mike is teasing. I have a feeling it's more of his personal work, not LP music, and I'll be more than happy with that.

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15 hours ago, xxHybridXeroxx said:

This is so nice I agree! Wonder what else LP has planned. I pray they live react to another concert, like they did with HT20 & San Diego 2001. Bonus points if they do an unreleased one

I agree with you. If they do that, they might give us a story about each tracks. just like how they mentioned Numb is a sequel to Pushing Me Away via HT20 & San Diego 2001 Reaction YouTube Video. looking forward.

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