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'When The Seasons Call' (Landon Pigg x Brad Delson)


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Brad Delson just did his second ever Instagram post and first since 2017!


Today actor and musician Landon Christian Anderson, better known by his stage name Landon Pigg, unveiled his new single called 'When The Seasons Call.' Brad shared the cover art for the song saying "super proud of this one."


Ever since Linkin Park went on hiatus, Brad has been working as a composer/songwriter for other artists, namely Allan Rayman, Lauren Dair, Beoga, Foreign Air and now Landon Pigg. He was also credited on songs by Landlights, Martin Garrix and Mike Shinoda. Listen to his latest work below.



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By the way, I just found a song that went completely unnoticed. Released in August 2020. The song is in Brad's BMI. Check the credits on Spotify:



1 hour ago, Justin said:

Landon Pigg, not Anderson Pigg lol

Oops. Fixed. Thanks!


1 hour ago, Coizu said:

I am confused. Brad doesn‘t show up in the credits for the song. 

Yeah... that's weird. Doesn't really have much credits at all.



Here's the confirmation:


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  • lpliveusername changed the title to 'When The Seasons Call' (Landon Pigg x Brad Delson)
22 hours ago, leftshoe18 said:

Can somebody put together a YouTube or Spotify playlist of all Brad's stuff he's contributed to since the hiatus started?

If I only knew what he did, I'd do it immediately


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