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More Stuff I Found

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Consider this a follow up to my unknown Mike Shinoda/Linkin Park snippet. I got a collection of songs that I was organizing and getting ready to talk about on here. These are things I found over the years. It took me awhile to fully organize these as I wanted to be as accurate as possible with my notes. Also, some of these were massive mp3 files and I had to divide them up. Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee amazing quality. I'm not claiming I have anything of importance here either. Just stuff I found over the years. It could all very much be junk lol

So, I share these notes for the following reasons:
1.) I want to know what is real and fake
2.) What's known and unknown
3.) What's mislabled or wrong
4.) to be educated overall

Also, I cannot guarantee that any of these are real except for a select few. In the case I do have something that is unreleased or unknown I will go through the mods first before posting any downloads if I post those at all. It will be in their hands at that point and mine will be tied by then.

If there is anything wrong with my post please let me know asap and I will correct or delete it all together.
Also, I omitted the names of people/youtube channels cause I don't want anyone harassing them. I will share names with mods if they ask.

Xero/Hybrid Theory

---Xero Adamant
   This name is my own cause I didn't know what to call it. These are more short demos but they came from the Youtube
   video by *. It is a reupload of Lucas Goulart who was terminated. I went and put the video into pieces
   and found several shorts that exist within in the video but not in Xero Current (as far as I can tell). As I could not put a
   name to them i used the song they came from and included an * to denote them. The songs are as follows:

   -Unknown* (could not figure out the song)
   -Chester Scream* (maybe from Crawling I Hate you So Much Intro Version?)
   -Hum* (could not figure out song but it is familiar)
   -noo* (This goes with alar. they exist as one sample called noo_alar in XC Folder but exist as two separate songs in video.
         As a result I separated the name too. These are a Part of Me)
   -alar*(same as above comment)
   -She Couldn't Chester Reverse*
   -Stick and Move*

---Dialate shorts/stems/seeds
   Another Youtube video from a channel called *. Video is called *
   It is the only video up on the channel and it is isolated parts of the song Dialate. I have no idea how he got them. i thought it could of
   been fake but they also have isolated vocals which gives it more credibility in my eyes. Broken apart and separated by me.

---See (Hybrid Theory demo)
   Again from another Youtube source. This one comes from a channel called *. It is a channel that creates albums
   of various categories ranging from b-sides, demos, unreleased, rare live songs, and remixes. This song came from the *
   album they made. It is a short instrumental and sounds very Linkin Park. However, the channel utilizes a lot of HPoaTT and have altered them to sound
   better or straight up combined some of them. They have clear knowledge of music making and mixing.
   Also, they used a fan-made song title as Faith Xero demo and passed it as a real Xero demo. They could of gotten it from another source and believed it. So, See could be a fanmade
   song as well and they didn't know. I did ask them in a comment but got no reply as to date. I don't think this is real tbh.

---Pictureboard Original Xero
   From Youtube *

---Rhinestone Audition Instrumental
   from TJ Demonte

---And One (Alternate)
   Found this floating around some time ago but cannot remember where. It is a shortened version. Lacks "It's too late to love me now" portion. Faded scratching outro

---And One (Alternative)
  This and the rest of the Xero/HT all come from *. None of these are live despite the name.  Similar  to above except it has Wind Intro and a drum and guitar outro instead of the faded one.

---Hybrid Theory Intro
   From *. This is just an isolated audio clip. I can't exactly remember the song it came from but I know it.

---Step Up demo
   From *. Short instrumental of Step Up. I feel they have access to Xero Current and combined the stems to make a
   passable demo

---AC Sample
   From *. This a repeating of the unknown* song from Xero Adamant from up above.
   I don't know what AC is.

---Untitled 001
   From *. longer version of COULDVE from Xero Current

---Untitled 002
   From *. combined version of ANDSTRIN and ASHES_BE from Xero Current Folder. Also longer

---In The End Synth
   From *. Speaks for itself. Piano

---Runaway (Bridge Beat)
   From *. Speaks for itself

---Forgotten (Live Intro Beat)
   From *. Speaks for itself. Just the isolated drum beat.

---Interlude 000
   From *. Very similar to the LA Sequences in HPoaTT but more instruments included

---Old Intro 001
   From *. Short drum track

---Intermission 002
   From *. Short instrumental of mostly drums

---Random 003
   From *. Another short drum instrumental


Collission Course


---Don't Stay/99 Problems demo
   A demo remix by Al-B the same guy who did the 99 Steps Klsr. I did a Google search for this one some time ago when I learned about it
   Website now gone but I'm sure exists on others. At the time I found the song with several different names and artists. They go as follows:

   -99 Problems
   -Don't Stay/99 Problems (alternate)
   -99 Problems (alternate)
   -99 Problems Al-B3

   The titles would repeat with a variation of the artist but it was always either Al-B, Al-B3, Jay-z, Linkin Park or a combination of such.
   Also downloading all other versions proved they were all the same song.

--- Lying From You/Dirt Off Your Shoulders demo
   Found this floating around a Russian site some time ago. Dunno the legitimacy of this but it seems
   real. If anything this could be a pre-final mix. Song starts harder than normal and lacks Chester's
   Frappaccino comment. It is also 8 seconds longer than the released version. There were two versions
   of this but the second was clearly cut off at the end (song literally stopped mid chorus) so I ignored it. It also had lpunderground.ne in the name
   which is a Netherlands website but visiting it brought me to a dead website.



   Sounds very Linkin Park. Short instrumental. Not full song. From MP3.com

---Meteora demo snippets
   This was also downloaded from MP3.com. Several song snippets back to back. It sounds like a youtube video that was converted to an mp3.
   Like, "hey, here are the songs link in the description for download" type of Youtube video. The songs go as follows

   -A.07 (literally same as above. Above probably came from this meaning A.07 is most likely not the real name)
   -Breaking the Habit (unknown version. very high pitch tune compared to all other versions including drawing)
   -Unknown (It is familiar but I can't put my finger on it)
   -Halo from Underground 10
   -Broken Foot from Underground 11
   -Pepper from Underground 12
   -Rhinocerous from Underground 14
   -Unreleased from Making of Meteora DVD

   Lacks drums. Dunno what to make of this. Was labled as Untitled but the time was shorter than the In The End demos
   and that caught my eye. I think it was mp3.com that I got this from but can't remember for sure.


*One More Light

---What Are You Worth
   Got from Kingdom leaks before it was removed. I know everyone knows about this song

---Heavy demo
   Told it's most likely fake as the stems exist online. From Vk.com

---Good Goodbye demo
   From VK.com.

---Looking for an Answer demo 1 and demo 2
   I got two of these. Same lyrics as Hollywood Bowl but both have vastly different instrumentals. One is from *, other I can't remember
   Considering the only version that is out there with vocals is a live one these could be real? But at the same time I'm not sold on it


*The Mall demos

---Ammosick demo
   From *

---Luna demo
   From *

---Dancer demo
   from Youtube. Channel is now gone.


*I'm Not The One snippet
   Found in a Google search from shady Russian website so will not share the site. Downloaded against my better judgement.
   Instrumental snippet. Probably not real. And def not worth it. No viruses yet lol


   Remixes are very hard for me as there exist so many by fans. These are the few I found most interesting.

---Catalyst (Sung Un Park Unreleased Remix)
   Found on same shady Russian website. It's a remix so... yeah. Downloaded it cause it said unreleased
   but it could still be a fanmade thing rather than an official unheard remix.

---Catalyst (Otherside Draft version)
   Same site. Downloaded cause it said Draft version.

---Papercut vs David Banner (Remix by DJ Vlad & Roc Raida)
   From Vk.com

---Pts.of.Athrty (Remix by FSG)
   From Vk.com


*New Divide

---Untitled demo
   From *. A rough instrumental of New Divide. Differs from Megatron off of HPoaTT


   Short clip of Mike rapping over a track. Very very bad quality. Cannot make out lyrics. I think it was from Youtube but I'm not certain.


*New Song 2016 Demo
   Instrumental. Positive is Riverline as 2016 is OML sessions and sounds nothing like it but I don't know Riverline well enough to tell.


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16 minutes ago, itworkedforkurt said:

Of these, I can confirm that the Dialate stems are real to an extent as Mike's MPC from not long ago had the song's samples. A.07, I believe, is the unofficial name given to an intro the band used in 2004 that utilized a sample of the Slayer song South of Heaven.

I was unaware of the Mike's MPC situation. Thank you!

As for A.07 I think I know what you are talking about. If it's this then no, what I got is very different and isn't a live rendition either.

f i

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Just from the top of my head here are some more info:

-The Xero Faith instrumental is a fanmade one by a friend of him, he didnt intend to pass it as a real one. However he doesnt have any demo "See" in his channel. 

-The Xero Pictureboard is legit, it leaked this summer.

-The Xero Rhinestone Audition Instrumental is also legit, however its a lazy rip TJ Demonte did. He has re-ripped his audition tape but he hasnt publish it and idk if he will.

- The Don't Stay/99 Problems demo is just fanmade. Al-B did that one and another LP-JZ remix back in the day 99 Problems/One Ster Closer, which got very popular. The dj is claiming it sparked the idea for Collision Course, which has never been confirmed, however there is a WBR internal cd that contains his remix, however its not an official remix.

- What Are You Worth is legit

- Good Goodbye demo is legit

- About Looking For An Answer I remember Mike back in the day said he had made 2 versions, one with a more LP-ish instrumental and one more stripped like the Hollywood Bowl one and he wasnt sure which one to put out. However neither of those version have leaked. Idk if you just found em like that lol

- All The Mall Soundtrack demos you mentioned are legit and if I remember correctly there is another demo but I dont remember the name rn.

- Papercut vs David Banner (Remix) is legit an official remix. Its from a Mixtape of that mashed up rock and rap artists by DJ Vlad & Roc Raida. Mike was the "host" of the Mixtape, he did some interludes/skits and stuff for them, so yeah this remix is official and approved by Mike for sure.

- I doubt any of the other remixes you mentioned is legit.

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Make sure to check Linkipedia, Im sure many of the info i mentioned exist in Linkinpedia too, and probably info for more of the stuff you posted that I didnt think of from the top of my head. By the way I believe your post doesnt violate any rules As long as you dont provide download links for any material officially released you are safe. Most of these are from youtube anyway so. Imo you should include the channel names etc, I doubt anyone would harass people, LP community aint like that. Its hard for us to evaluate or even understand what you have there, without listening ourselves.

Edited by SerioDrew
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1 minute ago, SerioDrew said:

Make sure to check Linkipedia, Im sure many of the info i mentioned exist in Linkinpedia too, and probably info for more of the stuff you posted that I didnt think of from the top of my head. By the way I believe your post doesnt violate any rules As long as you dont provide download links for any material officially released you are safe. Most of these are from youtube anyway so. Imo you should include the channel names and videos. Its hard for us to evaluate what you have there without listening ourselves, I doubt anyone would harass people, LP community aint like that.

Ok, I just wanted to be careful with other people's stuff and their privacy on things. But if you think it's ok I'll share that info.
Most of the stuff come from Unofficial Linkin Park FanMade Albums. For the See demo it comes from his Unreleased and More Vol 3. The rest come from his Rare and Live 2001 which is weird cause.... none of it is actually live. the Untitled supposed New Divide demo come from his New Divide single album. The "Xero adamant" is from Linkin Park Mixes which I'm 100% you all know.  I just decided to chop it up and actual found stuff that wasn't in Xero Current. they might exist elsewhere that I am unaware of though.

I'm curious about the Al-B stuff. Isn't the 99 problems/ 1 step klsr trademarked by Warner? Or did i get misinformation along the way?

So, Looking For An Answer demos could be real then? That's intersting to know. I was unaware of Mike attempting more with the song beyond Hollywood Bowl

The remixes I was super iffy on. But decided last second to include.

For PB, WAYW, and GGB I probably should of removed. That was my fault. What about
The Mall I wasn't 100% as it did say unreleased and I wasn't sure about them.


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