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Mike on TikTok; Asks for Fan Vocals


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Mike has posted a series of videos on his Tik Tok account asking for fan vocals on a few tracks. He recently made these songs in his CoronaJams streaming sessions on Twitch.


On track one from December 14 ("Freestyle"), Mike says, "Hey guys, trying something new, I made this track on Twitch today, let's see if you guys can do any vocals over it." The description says, "Rappers and singers, let’s hear your vocals on this track 🎤🎹🎧 #duet"


For track two on December 15 ("Hanukkah Freestyle-Trap Kletzmer 1.2"), Mike says, "Alright guys here's the track from Twitch from today, feel free to do any vocals or any instrument on top of it." The description reads, "New track for you to #duet with. Made live on Twitch (weekdays 10am-noon PST, Twitch.tv/OfficialMikeShinoda)"


For track three on December 20 ("KarmaKon"), the description reads, "#duet with this and add your vocal, instrument, or dance. Let’s see it. #Rapper #Vocalist #Instrumental #Hiphop #Producer #music #musician #performer"




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