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Grey Daze releases “In Time” Music video


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17 minutes ago, JZLP-AmendsUltimateFan said:

It's cool that they gave a fan the chance to release his video but the quality of it it's awful, great idea poorly executed. 

I agree, the idea of giving it to a fan and the concept of the video is great, but the final result is pretty shaky and looks like something coming from an early 90s cartoon

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46 minutes ago, Scourge said:

cute idea, just a bit awkward lol

Yeah the fact that they let fans do it made it quite unprofessional. The idea is super cute tho and love the concept. Young Chester and adult Chester facing themselves is super cute and reflects vibe of the song. 
The little fa made videos they are showing for “Shouting out” on Instagram are really cool tho. 


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17 minutes ago, linkingabo said:

Seriously? :D I guess they wanted to save some money and let amateurs do the job... next time please hire someone, because this is awful.
P.S.: Yeah, I could make a better animation.


They didn't hire anyone 

A fan created the video, the band liked it and they released it. 


Awful decision for sure. 

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Awful video. I couldn't go through more than 30 seconds. So much cringe.


There are many more fans out there that could pull off an awesome video.

This is the opposite of making Chester proud. This is amateur work. 

I mean no disrespect directly to the fan that made it. But it's not at the level of Chester's brand.

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