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Mike Q&A Summary 7/9/2020


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Q&A time from the day before "Dropped Frames" is released!

- "Did Chester teach you screaming techniques?" -> "Chester could never have taught anybody to scream how he screams. In fact, I'm of the belief that you either have that or you don't. Coming in the band, he hadn't really SCREAMED screamed on records before. He had sung heavy, he had yelled, he had done things like that that had indicated to me, "Oh he can do these things", but we wanted like, full on metal screams, which he had not really done. He had definitely not done, at least I had not heard it on anything. He said that, he told me he had never done it. So once we started doing it, he was like, "Oh, I can really do this" so there was this unlocking of "How many versions of this can we do?" I can't do it, and there's no amount of practice that's going to make my voice do that. My voice does not do that."


- "I was wondering if you'll continue the streams after quarantine." -> "Yeah that's the plan!"


- "When Dave left Xero to fulfill it commitment to the Snax? If not, how did Phoenix's return come about? Had Kyle left the band before his return?" -> "This sounds like a soap opera. For those who you don't know, which is probably very few of you, in the beginning of the band, Dave Farrell, Phoenix, was in our band. And then he was also in another band and he promised them that if they ever went on tour that he'd go. So that happened and we started getting ready to record, to do our Hybrid Theory album recording sessions. Dave was gone and so we played his bass parts, me, Brad, our producer Don at one point was putting them in. We were just like... I didn't want Don playing bass on the record, it was our record. He's a good bass player but it's just the premise of it. We tried out of a couple of other people at the time. You mentioned Kyle Christener, he was in the band and we played with for a while. Scott Koziol was in the band for a while, we actually toured with Scott for a little bit. And there was another kid who played... he just like played on a couple of tracks but he wasn't a great fit. Neither of the other two guys played on the record, Kyle and Scott.... Kyle was before, we played a couple of shows with Kyle, but it was like local shows-ish like Arizona and LA. And then Scott we actually went on the road with. And then Dave came back. And I kind of felt like, I wasn't one hundred percent sure Dave was going to come back. But all of us were basically like, let's keep bothering Dave, let's never let up, like giving him reminders him that the door is open and he should come play bass with us again. Because the dynamic changed too much. The other guys were sweet guys but the dynamic felt right when Dave was in the band and we knew the difference, right? So it was like, Dave's not married to The Snax, he's not going to do that forever."


- "Iridescent is my favorite LP song, can you tell us the origin and the writing process?" -> "Iridescent just started with that piano bit. It was kind of like when we've done the acapella or piano and vocal versions. It kind of was that. I wrote it just piano and vocal and then built everything on top of the piano and vocal version. So not anything crazy there, it was just a very traditional writing process."



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So with Andrew Lanoie revealing that he played bass for LP a little bit, where does he fit into the timeline?

I put him as an ex-member of Xero for now, on Discogs, but not sure if that's true? In case it is, it would be:
Dave (Xero) -> Andrew (Xero) -> Kyle (HT) -> Scott (HT-LP) -> Dave (LP), right?

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