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Mike Q&A Summary April 9th, 2020


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During some of his recent CoronaJam Sessions, Mike has taken questions from fans about a variety of topics.



Here is a quick summary of things he mentioned on April 9th:


- Mike talks about the famous New York City 2001 video of And One where Mike jumps into the crowd. He wasn't a fan of doing it much because the band got so popular so fast and the crowds got pretty large. However, he was a fan of going down on the barricade during the shows. He talked about the story where the necklace with his Japanese family crest was yanked off during the show... so Mike at the end of the show asked people to back up and find the necklace; it was returned to him luckily!


- He thinks Paramore is so dope but doesn't know if they'd be open to a collaboration with HIM. He hasn't heard Haley's new solo material besides one song so far but he liked it.

- An artist who he always wanted to do a collaboration with but never got the chance - Kendrick Lamar is someone he'd like to collaborate with. Kendrick doesn't do many collaborations.
- When asked if he'd ever work with Adult Swim, Mike says he loves them and he would love to work with them but he doesn't know what he would do or what they would want from him.
- His favorite Pokemon are Eevee and Pikachu. Eevee is his favorite though.
- It is too long for him to do a rundown of his plug-ins but he may do it tomorrow. He's avoiding certain plug-ins because some of them slow down and/or crash the stream due to an issue with Ableton
- Advice for graphic designers? Get out there, do as much work as you can. Try to find your own vibe and style. Don't try and imitate someone else who is successful.
- The Battle Symphony vocal chops came from demo scat vocals Mike chopped up in ProTools. He used pitch shifter and alterboy, and grabbed pieces and chopped it up on the grid. Then added some effects to finalize it.

- Mike reached out to Twitch but the person who would be in charge of partnering him as the Twitch artist relations person has the coronavirus currently.

- The music video for Hold It Together was finished but the hard drive it was on was stolen at an Israeli airport on tour. The tour videographer was subjected to "extra screening" (Mike's politically correct way of saying it)... all the videographer's stuff was torn up and sifted through and the hard drive was stolen during the process. This is why there was no Hold It Together video. He said it was hard to wrap his head around doing another video for the song, sadly.
- When asked about his favorite venues to play in the USA outside of California, he mentioned that he loved the Pier Rooftop venue in NYC he played on the Post Traumatic Tour. He said Red Rocks is amazing and the Gorge is amazing. He also remembers TLA in Philadelphia being amazing.

- He is totally ok with fans taking the CoronaJams and remixing them, writing over them, etc and posting them online as long as they aren't monetizing them.


Thank you to Justin for helping summarize the chat today - we'll be back with more summaries!



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10 hours ago, Diaux said:

Thanks for this, i'm to lazy to check out the stream ❤️.

Is sad what happend with the Hold It Together since pretty much the rest of the album has a music video

Thats why i came up with the idea of these topics cause i know not everybody can or want to watch it.

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