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"Numb" from KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas 2007


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Recently when going through our LPLive archives, we discovered a song we had not uploaded previously. To close out 2007, Linkin Park headlined KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas in Los Angeles with a pretty eventful show. The following day, 'What I've Done' and possibly a few other songs were broadcasted on KROQ.

Fast forward to July 20, 2017 when KROQ was doing their tribute to Chester. During that tribute hour by Ted Stryker, they broadcasted 'Numb' from the show, professionally mixed. We were lucky to have caught it, and now you can listen and download it below. It's an excellent performance of 'Numb'!


Download here.


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2 hours ago, Hahninator said:

Whole show would be cool in an MTM box set someday.

They need to do it for each album. We could get a HQ show released with each that we don’t have in full.


OML: Any of the shows that they took a song from for OML Live.


THP: Could give us RAR 2014 since they used UIG from it for the FM single.


LT: Carson 2012 since they gave us 4 tracks from it for Xbox Deluxe Edition of THP.


ATS: iTunes Festival 2011 since they gave us a 6 song EP of it. 

MTM: AAC 2007 like this Numb we got.


Meteora: Any show in which they used a track for a release. Personally I would love Reading 2003 since they used Crawling from it for the BTH single. But any can work. Maybe Tampa or Atlanta from PR04 would be even better since we got tracks from those on LPU4.


HT: Docklands Arena 2001? That Ozzfest show in which With You from the compilation was from? Hell, even San Diego 2002 which they took tracks from for the SIB single. Any of those would be cool. 

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The mix is pretty much the same as the webcast is. I found one source on YouTube that is pretty good like this mix. It’s a good show. My December from it is in particular pretty good actually.

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