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Talinda Discusses Chester's Passing in New Podcast


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Talinda Bennington, who has stepped into a major role in the online discussion about mental health and has taken an active role in providing technological assistance and aid to those who need help, is featured on a new podcast episode of "Life After Suicide", a podcast by Dr. Jennifer Ashton.

"Dr. Jennifer Ashton, ABC News' Chief Medical Correspondent, draws from her own tragic experience to explore the aftermath of suicide and sudden loss, and, like her new book "Life After Suicide," the podcast is a roadmap to survival, offering inspiring insight on how to regain balance and get back to life. She speaks with people living with loss who have moved through guilt, anger and hopelessness to a new normal as well as with survivors and specialists in medicine, faith and more on how to heal from any type of traumatic experience."

The description for this episode reads, "Talinda Bennington is the wife of the late rock singer Chester Bennington. Chester was the lead singer of the massively successful rock band Linkin Park, before he took his own life on July 20, 2017. Talinda speaks to Dr. Jen Ashton about the shock of his death, and how she channeled her pain into something to help others. She is the co-founder of 320 Changes Direction, an initiative to change the culture surrounding mental health. In his life, Chester touched the lives of millions of fans-- with his death Talinda hopes to do the same. "


In this episode, Talinda goes very in-depth about her journey with Chester, especially in 2016 and 2017. She details how he was doing better than ever, in her eyes, in 2017 and was improving from his battle with addiction. She tells the story of how she stayed by his side and worked hard with him to overcome what he was fighting against. Then, the conversation shifts to how her life changed on July 20th, how the Linkin Park fan community rallied to support her and other fans, and how Linkin Park themselves (with their families) showed up to her house to provide her with support and even slept on air mattresses in her bedroom with her and her friends in the following days.


This is a highly recommended listen as fans will get a much deeper understanding of what was going on with Chester, but most importantly as Talinda says, how he never meant to hurt anyone. We applaud Talinda for bravely going in front of a big audience and telling her story, but also for helping so many thousands of fans across the world recover from Chester's untimely passing.

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