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Bug Report 6.0

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We launched the new version of the site early so we could cover and discuss the European tour.


There are unresolved issues that we still have to fix:

- Original links to forum threads are broken

- There are <p> brackets in the titles of show pages

- Some older shows are missing from year pages

- There are no pages for Julien-K


Firefox users: If you get security warnings when logging in, change your bookmark to use https rather than http.


Permission to use the chatbox changed from 10 post minimum to 1 post in the past year.

If you meet this criteria and are still restricted from chat let me know.


Please reply to this thread if you find bugs or errors on the site.

We also want to hear your feedback.



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I'm sure someone's already noticed but the last couple Newswire topics haven't been sharing to the front page of the site.

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I think it would bee cool to see how many comment are in a news without having to open it.

Sometimes i open to see the discussion and are zero comments there.

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