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Mike's New Tour Members


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8/3 EDIT: We have our first official member of Mike's touring crew! Drummer Dan Mayo from the band TARTAN will be laying down the beats for Mike on his upcoming tour. Dan is an insane drummer with loads of groove - check out his videos on his Instagram. He originally hails from Tel Aviv, Israel and has been on the road with his current band for the last few months, so he'll definitely be ready to deliver at these shows.





Also joining Mike is guitarist and keyboard player Matthias Harris. The English musician will be helping out with a lot of the live layering, as well as contributing to live vocals! He doesn't post much music but he does seem like a pretty chill guy. Check out his Instagram. He used to post acapella videos on YouTube, and has an acapella EP out.





Last month in an interview with Kerrang, and recently in a JOOX live chat, Mike claimed that after LoveLoud, starting with his tour in Asia, he'll be adding two members to the live set. He's also said that they won't be anyone we know - but does that mean it's completely fresh faces, or will there be some big names we just hadn't thought of?

Let's have a discussion, because the prospect of new members means a lot of things. Firstly: who are they? Are they genuinely new faces or are they some musicians from other bands Mike is friends with? Next, what does this mean for the sets? Different songs might be able to be played with live members of the band.

Let's start with the big question: who will be joining Mike onstage? We don't actually have any names for people we think it could be (the only person that it could potential be that we know of is Jon Green, who has been in South Africa as of the last month, so it seems unlikely), but we can tell you who it isn't to rule some people out:

  • Linkin Park: We know it won't be Brad, Phoenix, Joe, or Rob; we obviously all know them.
  • grandson, K.Flay, MGK, Chino Moreno: All are busy touring or making new music.
  • Darren King: The former MUTEMATH drummer guests on 'Hold It Together,' but he's doing a solo tour in August.

We tried doing some snooping on Mike's instagram to see if he follows any artists who might potentially be it... but from our initial search there's no one Mike followed recently who is available to tour in August. What we can discount is people who are touring in August or are fully committed to another music project that is working on new music.

So what do you think? Are we going to see completely new faces - as in Mike's friends who aren't already in a band OR new musicians who try out for the part - or will it be established musicians who just aren't associated with the Linkin Park crew? Additionally, what roles do you think they will fill? The drum pad and keyboard on the opposite side of Mike's live set up has literally gotten ZERO usage. The pads are meant to be used during the bridge of 'Crossing A Line,' but Mike hasn't gotten around to using them yet. Would make perfect sense to get a percussionist on there to play some electronic drums on several songs and give that part of the setup some love. Additionally, another musician who could handle keyboards and guitars also seems very likely given how layer-heavy a lot of Mike's discography is.

In this video of the soundcheck from Mike's Gramercy Theater show, you can see that he planned on using those pads for the bridge of 'Crossing The Line.' A dedicated percussionist could add a cool element to the show!

Next, what does the implication of new musicians bring? More hands on deck = a wider variety of songs that can be played. Mike has said in the past for Linkin Park sets that songs like 'Skin To Bone' and 'Robot Boy' would need 6 Shinodas in order to be performed live. Now I'm not saying we'll see those songs, but they certainly could become possibilities. Additionally, it'll lower Mike's reliance on playback instrumentals to add a little color into the performances. A drummer is definitely necessary for 'Hold It Together,' and an additional keyboardist or guitar player would sound great on 'Promises I Can't Keep' and 'Can't Hear You Now.' There isn't anything that Mike can't necessarily play by himself on Post Traumatic if he keeps going ahead with the format of the show, but like I said before, it'll add a new depth and a more human element to the music.

What else in the discography could be opened up with new members? Quite a few Linkin Park songs that aren't too rocky could probably be played. For what's already in the set, 'Roads Untraveled' and 'Castle Of Glass' could get song guitar added in with Mike playing piano still. 'Waiting For The End/Where'd You Go' could perhaps be extended to include the WFTE guitar solo. Songs Mike isn't currently playing, especially from A Thousand Suns, Living Things, and One More Light, could also be added. Mike said already that he probably won't be playing these songs, but songs like 'Nobody Can Save Me' and 'Battle Symphony' could be put played. Plenty of Fort Minor tracks could work too, like 'Red To Black,' 'There They Go,' and 'Dolla.' Mike is a mashup mastermind, so with three members of a live act he could really expand the possibilities of what he does. What do YOU think Mike could play with new members?

The current piano version of 'Castle Of Glass' sounds great, but adding in guitar on top of the piano would be cool as well! Lots of songs have potential for that piano & guitar duo.

Let us know what you think. Now that the Asia Tour is nearing, we expect that rehearsals will probably be in full swing in the week leading up to it. Maybe in the end there won't even be any new members at all! Who knows what'll happen. Mike's Post Traumatic Asian Tour begins on August 7 in Hong Kong and runs through the month hitting stops in South Korea, Thailand, China, Japan, and Singapore. He then heads to Europe for the remainder of the summer and will be touring North America in the fall.

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates, and join the LPLive Discord for discussion with fans around the world!

Check out the rest of Mike Shinoda's touring schedule here.

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Guitar bass and drums no backup vocalists please...


Is Ryu available?

He definitely needs someone to sing backups if he ever hopes to shut up the hoardes of morons who claim he's lip syncing because of all the vocals present in the backing tracks. I also don't care for how he sounds singing grandson's part on Running from My Shadow. Edited by Astat
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Cool. Was going through the people Mike follows and he was actually one of the people I looked at as a potential guy. Would've included him in the main post but I thought he was going to keep touring with his current band. Looking forward to seeing what he has to offer.


Guitarist and keyboardist, too. Seems like everything's just about covered - wonder what the new possibilities will be.

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