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Download: Live at Amoeba Records


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On June 14th, Mike Shinoda performed an intimate, but memorable show at Amoeba Records in Hollywood.

When Instagram launched its new IGTV platform, Mike uploaded two proshot videos of Watching As I Fall and Ghosts (Live Debut) from the performance.


Edit: Parts two and three are out, with eight songs total!

LPLive member 'Stranger' has ripped the audio of the songs for download and has provided a cover for the download as well. This is the first available soundboard audio for Mike's live shows.

Download the eight tracks here. (Alternate Mega.co.nz link)



01. Welcome

02. Place To Start

03. Watching As I Fall

04. Ghosts

05. Crossing A Line

06. In The End

07. Make It Up As I Go (w/ K. Flay)

08. Running From My Shadow



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Thank you so much Hahninator for made it to Newswire. :D



Vertically filmed professional video? Really? Anyway very nice audio.


It was shot normally but edited to vertical, exclusive for IGTV. (because Mike was attending the launching event for IGTV, i'm sure he's one of the ambassador to promote it)

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