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2018.06.30 - Camden, NJ - Radio 104.5 Birthday


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Camden! Mike will be performing on June 30th at Camdens BB&T Pavilion for the Radio 104.5 Birthday Show (part 2). This is the last show in a string of May and June promo performances for the album, wrapping up an east coast USA leg where Mike did several shows in New York City a week ago.


At this show Mike will get around 40-45 mins of set time as he plays before Judah and the Lion and Imagine Dragons. He takes the stage at 6:45. This performance should see the KROQ set with a few added songs, likely Ghosts and Running From My Shadow... but we will see! Mike debuted I.O.U. in New York City and just before that debuted Make It Up As I Go too.


Who is headed to Camden? The LPLive Fan Meetup is at 5:30 on the concourse by the water - come say hey to Mike/LP fans!


After this show, Mike has about a month off before he plays the LoveLoud show out west with Imagine Dragons.

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Awesome day. The Meetup had like 20 or so folks and we got to see so many good friends at this one. Like all of the LPLive crew was in the same row for the show which made for a great time. We totally have to do that in the future. Nick, Dmitry, Corey, Dylan, Eric, etc all right in the same row. What a group.


Show was great - Mike did really good. Watching As I Fall was a nice surprise. This was the most emotional show Ive seen from him yet, it was the exact opposite of NYC in terms of emotions. He even had that Instagram post after the show. He went super hard on the Over Again verse and then after Papercut he took a break and said he went to a really dark place and that the fans brought him back. I think Papercut with CB in his In Ear Monitors is hard for him.


I also think that being a venue where LP shows up, kicks ass, takes names and makes great memories at (shoutout to the LPU Summit there), and hes opening the show at 7pm made it emotional for him. In the End was like, 15k people standing in tears. Really intense, his largest show yet too. That ITE was easily the biggest moment of the entire festival show.


Theres a feature at the show where you text things to the radio station and they show them on the video screens. After Mike played, for the rest of the night, 95%+ of them were about Chester. Like at one point it was 9 in a row. That in itself was really emotional to see, literally the screens showing all of these beautiful words about Chester for hours. You can really tell this city loves LP so, so much. People driving from Virginia and way up north for this, I mean wow.


Imagine Dragons were so much better than I thought theyd be. Dan gave an incredibly intense speech about Chester after a few songs. He talked about Mike, signs in the pit for Chester (yeah, LP fans had signs in the pit and first few rows of seats the whole show about Chester and by the way those were the only signs all show), how Imagine Dragons wouldnt exist without Chester, etc. it was so nice. Mike watched the set on the side of the stage and Dan pointed him out; Dan watched Mike on the side of the stage too. It was an incredibly emotional speech with how sincere he was.


Honestly the whole event had some sort of Hollywood Bowl vibe to it for me. LP fans everywhere, the set was intense, the other artists talked about Chester, hes on the video screens in the texts for hours, etc. Like some huge CB memorial event whether unintentional or not. And Im down with that, I like it all, its just hard to get through that.

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