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New LPLive Discord!

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Some of you already know our previous LPLive Discord chats - the original one that sort of died out and then LPLive Help Line that's still running strong. We're launching a new LPLive Community Discord for Linkin Park fans to openly talk and chat together!


Discord is a platform made primarily for gaming, but it functions great as a community server. Our new server is going to be a casual place to talk about the band and life in general, open for the entire fanbase to join (so invite your friends too)! The goal is to make it the largest Linkin Park chat out there, so let's get it rolling.


The team is jumping over from the Help Line server, and are also moderators here. The Discord Server team is:

  • Me!
  • AlyKaye
  • Wanheda
  • SkyFox
  • xoMusicLoverxo
  • Shadow
  • Randee

Click here to join!


Who'll be joining? It's completely free to join and there'll be a lot of new people to meet. We'll be posting all the news and announcements there as well - as well as our Twitter and Facebook, so go follow us there too. See you there!

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