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  1. Such a great show - No better surprise than Phoenix.
  2. You can check on live nation for your specific show, but looking at the Vegas show it's has prices ranging from $29.50 - $49.50. Not bad at all.
  3. Good luck - wishing you success in the show. Thanks for spreading the love for the cause.
  4. Love it. Scrolling effect is great. Love how simple yet powerful his videos have been. Brooding should be awesome. I don't know why but I'm envisioning something that's animated?
  5. Loved reading everyone's analyses - very thorough and insightful. I'll keep mine short. I've listened about 3 times through and this album is everything I thought it would be. It's raw, passionate, and damn if it isn't Mike Shinoda. Each listen I seemed to have found a different favorite song, but top three I would say would be Over Again, Ghosts, and Promises I Can't Keep. If you asked me again after another listen I would probably name 3 different songs. As much as I wish everyday that this album never had to have been made, I am thankful that Mike brought us along through his journey and allowed us to heal with him.
  6. Similar to when he did Conan few years back with FM. I signed up for tickets for that one soon as it was announced but never got them. Was such a bummer. Lucky those who get to see Jimmy Fallon and Mike though!
  7. Wonder how long that has been in the works - aren't those things usually planned ahead of time?
  8. Definitely a heartfelt interview from Mike. He (and the others) have come along way. I can't imagine how it must feel trying to promote an album but having the conversation always derail to Chester. I am sure that he expects it, but I appreciate the way he handles it. I feel like I learn something new about him everyday.
  9. I haven't heard all of it yet - but the things that you want most are always worth waiting for.
  10. Wait until Friday - it's worth it
  11. *dreams about Kanye and FM track*
  12. Shit like this pisses me off. Be thankful the man is even performing. He doesn't owe you any Linkin Park songs when he is performing solo.
  13. It's a good song to sit and bob your head to. Not my favorite but still enjoyable. Could have benefited from additional verses..or at least maybe a whole minute of "about you" at the end. Agree with this.
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