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2017.07.01 - Werchter, BE - Rock Werchter

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We're finally reaching the end of the One More Light European Tour! The last show in the European Union (because, you know, Brexit and all that) and the last festival show of the tour is happening today in Werchter, Belgium at Rock Werchter!


Linkin Park isn't a stranger to Belgium - or Rock Werchter! The band last performed at the festival in 2011 on the A Thousand Suns European Tour, playing a set full of huge tracks from the album like 'When They Come For Me' and 'The Catalyst.' The band's most recent performance in Belgium was at the Pukkelpop festival in 2015, which kicked off the final leg of The Hunting Party World Tour. This show featured one of the first "full" setlists of the summer of 2015, featuring 'Rebellion' returning to the set after being dropped for their China tour due to the political connotations of the song. Fun fact - the Pukkelpop festival in 2005 was the site of the very first Fort Minor concert! Linkin Park's very first show in Belgium was in 2001, when they opened for the Deftones on their 'Back To School' Tour.


Watch some pro-shot footage of 'Papercut' opening up the band's show at Pukkelpop 2015!

The band's most recent show came with a load of surprises - and we're not talking about the excellent pictures some of the fans took (though it has to be said - there were some truly crisp pictures taken). The band performed their first festival show in Sweden and the Bråvalla festival on June 29, and it was almost like we were taken back to the Meteora days! What do we mean? Well, for starters, Christian Lindskog from Blindside came out and guested on 'One Step Closer' - the first time we've had a guest sing on the song since 2004 when Jonathan Davis sang the bridge of the track Reanimation style. Lindskog was also a guest on 'One Step Closer' back in the day, this being the first time he's joined the band onstage since Rapid City, South Dakota on Projekt Revolution 2003, where he sang the ending of 'P5hng Me A*wy' (he would also guest on 'One Step Closer' at other shows, the last instance being the show before the aforementioned one, in Billings, Montana - coincidentally, these two shows were the only times the band ever played in these U.S. states!). Mike changed things up throughout the show, first by rapping a fresh verse over the ending of 'Castle Of Glass' - 'Petrified,' bringing the total possible verses up to four - and rapping the chorus of 'Remember The Name' before 'Numb' since 'Waiting For The End' was dropped. Seems like that song is bound to keep jumping around whenever 'Waiting For The End' isn't played - it came after 'Invisible' at Hellfest.


All that variation for a show in Sweden? Must mean something special for Belgium, right? As we've been saying for awhile: we have absolutely no clue. All we can tell you is what we think will happen. Linkin Park has been randomly cutting their festival shows a bit short and cutting some songs (like 'Waiting For The End'), so whether or not they do that for Rock Werchter is up in the air. If they do cut it short, that'd mean 'Battle Symphony' and 'Nobody Can Save Me' are out of the equation (though if they were the play that slot, 'Nobody Can Save Me' should be performed). Who knows what Mike will do over the end of 'Castle Of Glass' - the options now are 'It's Goin' Down,' 'A Place For My Head' (if they don't play it later on), 'A Light That Never Comes' (which has only been done once so far), and now 'Petrified,' and Mike could easily pull something else up over it. 'Points Of Authority' was performed in Sweden and 'A Place For My Head' at the show before, so 'From The Inside' and 'Somewhere I Belong' are the most likely candidates - I'm thinking it'll be the latter of the two. Lastly, will 'Faint' return as the show closer as it did last-minute at Southside in Germany? We hope so, but it's been a few shows since that happened. Will Mike keep up the varied setlists, or will we finally get a match? Time will tell.


This video catches a lot of of the cool moments from the Bråvalla show - watch Mike and Chester introduce Christian Lindskog to the stage for 'One Step Closer' and Mike rap 'Petrified' over 'Castle Of Glass' - what do you think takes the cake for the biggest surprise of the show?

I've said that previous festivals the band played at on this tour have been stacked in terms of their lineups, but holy hell does Rock Werchter take the cake. Right before Linkin Park is the legendary System Of A Down, who are currently touring with a massive setlist including rarities like 'Pictures' and 'Highway Song,' as well as all of their big hits like 'Chop Suey' and 'Aerials.' Funny enough, the band headlined other days of many of the festivals Linkin Park performed at this tour, like Download Madrid, Download Paris, and NovaRock, to name a few. Before them come Blink-182 who need no introduction here - they've played with the band at several festivals this tour already, and the Blinkin Park hype at the end of the month is steadily increasing. Expect hits like 'Dammit' and 'All The Small Things' as well as new tracks like 'California' to be in the set. Before them come Jimmy Eat World, Seasick Steve, and more.


Looking at the lineup, we know what you must be thinking: 'Rebellion?' Sadly, there's little hope that the song will be performed (even though all they'd have to tell Daron Malakian to do is play 'I-E-A-I-A-I-O'...). The biggest reason is guitar tunings. For those who don't know, 'Rebellion' is performed with guitars tuned to Drop C - a half step lower than most of Linkin Park's tracks (for reference, 'One Step Closer' and 'Faint' are both in Drop Db). The band could tune down two guitars to perform the song... but for some reason that just doesn't seem like something they'd do. According to Astat's Linkin Park Guitars website, two of the three guitars Brad used for 'Rebellion' are currently in the rig, but they are tuned to Eb instead of Drop C (for songs like 'A Place For My Head' and 'Somewhere I Belong'). The third guitar is MIA - we haven't actually had a picture of the guitar riff this tour, so we're not sure if its with the band or not (the safe assumption is no). In addition, based off the performance of the new lightning director, she doesn't really know what she's doing on most of the songs (just look at the lights on 'A Place For My Head'), so the production for the song would certainly be... something special. If 'Rebellion' were somehow to be played, replacing 'Wastelands' with it for some more The Hunting Party representation in the setlists would be great, but unfortunately it just doesn't seem like it'll happen. Daron has going the band for two separate occasions to perform the song: the Carnivores Tour stop in Los Angeles and the KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas in 2014.


Watch Daron guest on 'Rebellion' at the KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas in 2014! 'Rebellion' isn't in the setlist anymore, but will the band bring the track for a special performance with Daron since SOAD are performing? Probably not. But we can dream, right?

Another question you may be asking: livestream? Unfortunately (again), it looks like Linkin Park won't be livestreamed. Don't get your hopes up for any of the other mainstage acts, either - according to the livestream schedule, the only mainstage act that's going to be livestreamed today are the Dropkick Murphys. If your interested in acts such as Passenger, Glass Animals, or Bonobo (amongst others), you can click that link to check out the schedule for the livestream. What will be livestreamed, however, if a Live Q&A from Mike and Machine Gun Kelly regarding the One More Light North American Tour that starts later this month. It'll start at 5:15 CEST (convert your timezone here / countdown), so tune in on Facebook Live if you can!


Will anyone be heading to the show? After this show, the band heads to the UK for three shows that'll actually have an extended set time - join the discussion we're having on the thread for the topic as to what the band will do with their 40 minutes of added set time in the UK, if anything at all. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook for updates on the show!


Check out the rest of Linkin Park's 2017 touring schedule here.

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LP will be streaming

Confirmed: @linkinpark! Catch their entire set at Rock Werchter 2017 on our live stream from 11.15PM: https://t.co/j0TxM2JeL1 #RW17


As usual I can't watch it live, but I can wait to watch it tomorrow

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I am watching this show right now and damn - the band sounds fantastic. I think the key here is an off day between every show, for Chester's voice. Seriously - might be the best Catalyst I've seen. Really good.


I hope one day they shift to more off days. It's costly but wow they dominate when he's had a day between the last show.

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