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2017.04.03 - Hamburg, Germany

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One (or should I say, two) more performance(s) until the big finale to this promo tour. Mike and Chester (and possibly more) are in Hamburg, Germany today for some more One More Light promo!


Unlike past cities the two have been doing some promo in, we actually know that there will be more than one performance. One of these two will be livestreamed - the show at Warner Music Group Germany, where Mike and Chester will be performing for the employees there. It will be live streamed on Warner Music Germany's Facebook page. The stream will be at 3:00 PM CEST (check your timezone here), so be sure to have this countdown handy so you don't miss it. Mike and Chester will be answering some questions from the stream and will be performing some stripped down songs afterwards.


The last stop on the promo tour was in London, England. During the YouTube Space show, Swedish/Moroccan singer Sofia Karlberg joined Mike and Chester to perform 'Heavy'.

It's already confirmed that a second performance will be taking place, too, and this one is open to LPU contest winners. The two will be heading over to the Mercedes me Store in Hamburg tomorrow, as well, to do a Q&A and perform for fans. We'll be keeping you updated on both shows. The band has played at least two shows in each city they've been to (barring Amsterdam), so it's nice to have a heads up ahead of time. We went from two Toronto shows and one in Amsterdam and Paris at the start of this all to four Toronto shows, one Amsterdam, two Paris, two London, and two Hamburg shows at the end. Will the number keep rising? Probably. There's a good chance more promo shows will appear as companies release promo performances around the time One More Light comes out in May.


What's interesting to note is that these shows may have some guests. Both Mr. Hahn and Kiiara headed to Hamburg today. We know that the performance at the ECHO Awards on the 6th will be a full band performance so it's not really a surprise that they're going to Germany, but it'll be interesting to see if they show up to any of these promo events. We say Chester playing around with an acoustic guitar in the car trip to the airport in London on Mike's Instagram story, as well, so we may see some real acoustic action coming.


Something else to look out for is a possibility of a headlining show announcement. We all know the band loves Germany - more than half of the shows in the band's 2014 Fall European Tour were in Germany. Even though the band is headlining the Southside and Hurricane festivals there this summer (two festivals in Paris as well are coming, and no headlining show was announced there), the chances are fairly high for a headlining show for Germany. Berlin, maybe? They have a Mercedes-Benz Arena now, so that probably makes the chances even higher.


Is anyone heading to one of these events? We'll be keeping you updated on anything we find, so be sure to check here or follow us on Twitter and like our Facebook page to be sure you don't miss anything. These are the last promo performances of this European trip, so get ready for a long wait until May when the tour kicks off (or maybe even before). What songs do you want to see Mike and Chester perform today?


Check out the rest of Linkin Park's 2017 touring schedule here.

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