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Linkin Park to play The Late Late Show Feb 27th


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The first promo appearance for Heavy has been announced and Linkin Park will be performing the song live on "The Late Late Show with James Corden" on Monday, February 27th.


The show is filmed at 4:00pm in Los Angeles, CA and tickets can be acquired here. The airing time will be at 12:37am EST.


This will be Linkin Park's first appearance on The Late Late Show. Stay tuned for more promo dates as Linkin Park is sure to play more than just one show/event for the single.


Source: HeadlinePlanet.com and Linkin Park Spain


2/23 EDIT: Interbridge.com says Kiiara will be joining for the performance.

Confirmed by Linkin Park: "We'll be making a special appearance on the @latelateshow with @JKCorden next Monday, February 27th on @CBS."

LPU members can enter a fan club lottery to get a ticket to the performance here.

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Definitely will be tuning it. Really cool. I wonder if Kiiara will be performing the song with them for this or it will just be Linkin Park.

I'm hoping it's just LP, but since it's a promotional performance she may make the trip out with the band. I'm hoping just LP because I'm curious to get a feel for how this song will sound live on tour, since she won't be there.

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