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Hybrid Theory EP (Original from 1999)?


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Hello guys,

I just really need to know if there is any possibility of picking up a copy of the Hybrid Theory EP (1999) for less than the prices on ebay etc.?
I found out that the re-issue was sold in 2008 again for a very short time...
So another question is: Will there be any chance of Linkin Park selling the original from 1999 or the re-issue from 2001 again? Maybe like in 2008? (Atleast I think it was at that time)
Like, did they say anything over the years about that topic that I missed or didn't hear of yet?

Also, it would be great to have a topic just about the availabilty of the EP or the re-issue... So if there were any news about that, the topic on this page would be updated instantly by members who found out about recent news and stuff :)

(I don't know if there already is a topic about what I just posted, I'm quite new too the page)

Thank you for helping out!

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FYI the ones sold in 2008 was just the LPU getting rid of the last of the 2001 reissues they had left at HQ. It was literally maybe 20 copies total, they had them at the merch booth for a couple shows and they sold out almost immediately. Pretty sure LPU has no copies left of the first few years of LPU CDs anymore.


I wouldn't put it past them to do another reissue at some point but it would probably be for Record Store Day if they did.

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The original ep is very rare. Only about a 1000 were ever made according to the script in the reissue. A large portion of those 1000 were tossed by radio people and promoters, etc. It's been theorized that maybe only a couple hundred are actually in circulation. Since 2003. I've seen about 8-9 of them on eBay. The cheapest one sold for about $350 usd. The most expensive was $1100. In 2005-2008 about 4 sold between $600 and $800. I've owned three of them. I only have one left that is in retarded mint shape in my safe. :). I have more Intel on them but I'll write a post on lpc one day.

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Starting on September 02, 2008, the official LPU store sold a limited number of copies of each of the fan club's CDs from previous years, including the Hybrid Theory EP for $10. On January 23, 2012, the EP was sold at the LPU store once again. This time, it was part of a $65 bundle containing the first 4 CDs from the fan club. Only 90 bundles were available and they sold out in less than a minute. This was their last batch of copies of the EP, with a very small amount being saved in their inventory for future giveaways or contests. A few copies have been used on LPU Giveaways and signed copies have been used for LPU Auctions over the years.


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