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Good day ya'll


Thought I'd start a threat again, since it's been a while since I posted something.


Before I start ranting on about the setlist and songs that have been played way too often (imo):


I like Linkin Park, and still curious to see what they come up with, and live they're really good however I do feel like certain songs just basically disolve the tension during a concert. For example:


Burn It Down, this song has since Living Things become thé most regular played song in every show they've played but the song isn't that great (once again imo). I feel like that song has all the "Linkin Park" signatures (rapping, singing, raw singing, beats, guitar) but still I think it's way too oversung and overly produced. Plus people might be singing along loudly when they play it but other then clapping and singing most crowds don't really react to the song.


LOATR/SOTD/Iridescent, the famous ballad medley. It has a great composition, Chester's signature clean vocals and all and all a great build up to connect with the crowd, however I also feel like this has been done too many times. They're very good with coming up with all kinds of different mash-ups so I think it's time they come up with a new medley. (For example, medleys with more energetic songs.)


Final Masquerade, the most MTM track on The Hunting Party. All and all it tackles a good subject and the melody is rather soothing but imo it's a track they've already made at least 15 times by now. And I get the whole it's-a-good-song-to-use-as-a-single idea but once again I think they can be much much MUCH more creative when it comes to making soothing songs + they're so much better at making energetic stuff then ballads.


Thank you for the read and let me know what you think about their set!



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I'd like to see them return to the full song format of 18-20 songs per show and alternate 3 setlists again. Fans really lost all incentive to see multiple shows this past touring cycle. When they did put a new set in, it really wasn't that different. Different sets before had exclusive, rarer songs and even catered to the more hardcore fans in ways. I don't understand why they won't dedicate one spot in the set to an older, rarer song we'd like to see (Reading My Eyes, P5hng Me A*wy, A Place For My Head, etc).

Of course I personally think Burn It Down, LOATR/SOTD/Iridescent, and Final Masquerade are all boring live. They are standard songs that aren't interesting and that's the best time to use the bathroom if you're at the show. At the same time, I know casual fans love those songs, or appear to at least.

Where they shine in more recent times is with songs like Guilty All The Same and A Line In The Sand, both of which they'll probably drop the next touring cycle unfortunately. I'm all for sacrificing some singles for some lesser-played songs and they can STILL have 12+ singles per show if they do that, no problem. They also shine when they hit home runs on stage with these older songs that are full of energy. From The Inside, Lying From You, A Place For My Head, Points Of Authority, and Somewhere I Belong. Great songs.

Other small changes that would be nice to see:

- Swapping Given Up (overplayed recently) for No More Sorrow's return
- Drop the shortened songs and play full versions

However, I know they don't want to play too much Hybrid Theory or Meteora live. Completely understood and if they want to drop most of those songs, hell, go for it. We'd all love to see more recent lesser played songs like:
- Lost In The Echo (live heavyweight they completely dropped for some reason???)
- Powerless (great song that seems easy to play...not sure why it didn't ever get played)
- In My Remains (dropped)
- When They Come For Me (probably the MOST interesting and fun song live in the entire catalogue)
- The Little Things Give You Away (great song that would be better than the Ballad Medley)

I'd love to see them play some different songs like those listed above.

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Does anyone know how LP actually constructs their set? Like how do they decide what songs to play? Who chooses the songs?



We kind of put, you know, the obvious ones, like any song that we’ve done that’s been Number One. Then let’s go and look at all the most popular ones from fans, the ones kids are listening to. And then, you know, obviously there are things that we like to play. And then there are songs that we put in to keep the flow of the show going. So we try to, like, give a good mixture of energy, you know, rock, with the more emotionally driven kind of mid-tempo stuff and use that to take people on a ride.



This is from the A Thousand Suns era though. Not sure if it's still the same process.

There was another interview from that time where they explained they went to music sites to know which are the most popular songs among fans.

They've also mentioned each album has songs they "need" to play. "One Step Closer" is "top of the list" according to Chester.

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