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UK Flags


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The only exception I know is that England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland compete as separate countries in international sport competitions. Other than that it's always United Kingdom as far as I remember. Northern Ireland doesn't even have a flag.

In the guide, there are only three UK shows that weren't in England:
2003.11.20 Glasgow, Scotland
2003.11.25 Cardiff, Wales
2004.06.03 Glasgow, Scotland

and one canceled Julien-K show:
2011.08.27 Glasgow, Scotland


Since the UK flag is more associated with England, and there are only 4 non-England shows I'll suggest to keep it as it is now.

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I have no opinion on this, locals should know what's best. So I can only comment on the technical part:


It will fix itself when the country name is changed, it picks the image path by that name. I also checked the flags folder and all required flags are in there.

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We are separate countries, I know many Scots and Welsh people who frequently get peeved at being referred to as English, we are all proud of our countries (especially in Sport).


Personally as an English person, I don't mind, I know where Manchester, Newcastle, Dublin etc is, but perhaps others don't.


This is the flag often used to represent Northern Ireland:



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