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Lying From You coming to Rock Band 4


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Attention Rock Band fans and remixers... there is a special treat for you this week in Rock Band's DLC pack!


The three tracks being added this week are:


Audioslave - Like a Stone
Godsmack - Awake
Linkin Park - Lying From You
The songs will be on the PS4 and Xbox Live on Tuesday (11/10) for $1.99 each. The obvious draw for the Rock Band tracks is the fact that multitracks will be circulating, which is pretty exciting since this is an older track in Linkin Park's catalogue.
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lol you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. The files are always encrypted, that's why it takes so long for the stuff to spread. They make it hard on purpose probably because they have to.

Yup, and they change the encryptions too. I'm sure that it would be harder to include some of the tracks they have if the record companies thought they were essentially giving away stems.

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Do you have a link to this guitar track? I can't find it

I dont know if its out yet, I'm just saying that's all we can get from Guitar Hero.


And let it be said here, if and when these are out an available, they are not allowed to be shared here publically.

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