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Linkin Park returning to Red Bull Studios LA


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With the LP Underground XIII album, Linkin Park visited the Red Bull Studios in Los Angeles to work on two previously-written songs by bands that wanted to win a chance to collaborate with LP. The winners of the contest were Ryan Giles and the band Beta State (who famously gave Mike an iPod with their music on it at the Mountain View 2011 M&G).


The announcement in July 2013 read,


"LINKIN PARK is searching for a new sound. For the upcoming LPU13 album, LINKIN PARK wants to collaborate with you on your original song. LINKIN PARK is seeking aspiring musicians for this amazing opportunity. With the help of Red Bull Studios and Hard Rock Cafe, you can win a trip to Los Angeles to record with the band*. Your song may even end up on the upcoming LPU13 album due out later this year."


In the end, it was more of working from the production side, but Mike did record some keys for the Beta State song and Rob played drums on the Ryan Giles song. An LPTV episode chronicles the work on the Beta State song.



Linkin Park recently posted to Twitter the following message, "Congrats to @Zusician on winning the #StageLight #MonthlyMusicContest grand prize. You will be going to @RBStudiosLA with us & @OpenLabs." The band apparently held some sort of StageLight contest for fans, and Zusician (Zayad Hassan) came away as the winner.



It is unknown if this song will even be on the LPU 15 release, but the timing is pretty close to the 2013 announcement from the same time. The LPU XIII CD ended up being 12 songs as opposed to the (now standard) 10, meaning that even with these songs we won't be getting less songs than normal on the LPU release. The 12 in 2013 set the longest length for an LPU CD release, too.

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That was one of the shittiest reactions I've seen LOL


I'm not really a fan of the song he put together, though props to him for winning, it's definitely well thought out and executed. Though I personally hope it's not on the next LPU.


Maybe every other LPU CD from now on will have these collaboration type things?

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Probably because Linkin Park will write and record their new album for 2016 at the same studio as they did for THP in 2013/2014 too

I doubt they would do the album there, or even a substantial portion of the album. THP was recorded at Larabee and EastWest studios.

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I liked both tracks on LPU 13 from Ryan Giles and Beta State but I hope they don't do it again for LPU 15. I'd rather have more LP demos instead, even if they aren't that great.

Maybe LP should bring back adding some good live tracks to the LPU CD's since they got rid of the DSP's recently. Just the rare stuff or fan favorites like A Line In The Sand or Faint with Austin Carlile from Of Mice & Men.

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