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Mike previews new Linkin Park music in Shanghai


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Don't let the headline fool you, this isn't really THAT newsworthy but I've received several messages about the link, so we'll just go ahead and put it up on the homepage for everyone.


At the Shanghai press conference before the Chinese Tour began, Chester mentioned that Linkin Park is always writing new music, evidenced by Mike's Snapchats on the plane to China of him working on something. Mike then pulled his phone out and played a few seconds of that new music he was making.



It has that slightly electronic vibe to it, similar to ATS, but a lot of Mike's demos have sounded like this in the past. The sound of an album can change a lot, but it's still interesting to get a little peak as to where Mike's thought process is right now for new songs.

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I don't think this could be considered new Linkin Park music. It sounds like a small beat he created to pass time on the flight honestly. It sounds cool, so I hope it does become something, but right now I wouldn't really consider it anything. Could wind up as LP, FM, or we may never hear that beat again lol

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