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Linkin Park's 1,000th Show


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I guess we had some miscommunication here. I included all shows that are listed under the navigation point "Linkin Park". So it includes all Xero/HT shows. It also includes all canceled dates. I guess I can grab some better numbers tomorrow if you tell me what you are interested in.


Also be prepared for some more in-depth stats in the upcoming days/weeks ;)

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Okay here are some new numbers!

First of all out of the 988 shows we know of 91 got canceled. That means Tempe is the 897th show we know of. I guess it will take quite some time until we actually see the 1000th show.

Some more details about the canceled shows (sadly I can't post tables so it gets a bit ugly):
Canceled shows per country:

  1. United States: 59
  2. Canada: 4
  3. Germany: 4
  4. China: 3
  5. Sweden: 3
  6. Brazil: 2
  7. Denmark: 2
  8. Spain: 2

Czech Republic, France, Italy, Macau, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey and the United Kingdom all have one canceled show.


We also have some unlucky cities:

Inglewood, CA and North Little Rock, AR both got 3 canceled shows while we have 11 more cities listed that have two canceled shows.



Back to the shows we actually saw, with a toplist of shows per country:

  1. United States: 556
  2. Germany: 59
  3. United Kingdom: 48
  4. Japan: 30
  5. Australia: 29
  6. Canada: 23
  7. France: 14
  8. Austria: 10
  9. Russia: 9
  10. Brazil: 8

I think most of these numbers aren't actually surprising for most people. What is a bit more surprising (at least for me) is what happens when we take a look at the numbers of shows per city:


  1. London, ENG: 22
  2. Las Vegas, NV: 18
  3. Los Angeles, CA: 18
  4. West Hollywood, CA: 17
  5. North Hollywood, CA: 15
  6. New York City, NY: 14
  7. Dallas, TX: 13
  8. Phoenix, AZ: 12
  9. Atlanta, GA: 10
  10. Berlin, BE: 10
  11. Paris, FR: 10
  12. Columbus, OH: 9
  13. Philadelphia, PA: 9
  14. Toronto, ON: 9
  15. Manchester, ENG: 8
  16. Bristow, VA: 7
  17. Camden, NJ: 7
  18. Chiba, JP: 7
  19. Hamburg, HH: 7
  20. Köln, NW: 7

I somehow didn't expect London to be on the first place and the next non US country to be at the 10th place.


The last thing I have right now is the amount of times they played in a certain venue:


  1. Third Encore: North Hollywood, CA: 15
  2. Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion: Woodlands, TX: 6
  3. O2 Arena: London, ENG: 6
  4. PNC Bank Arts Center: Holmdel, NJ: 6
  5. Rod Laver Arena: Melbourne, VIC: 6
  6. Shoreline Amphitheatre: Mountain View, CA: 6
  7. The Joint @ Hard Rock Hotel: Las Vegas, NV: 6
  8. Nürburgring: Adenau, RP: 5
  9. Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy: Paris, FR: 5
  10. The Roxy Theatre: West Hollywood, CA: 5
  11. Verizon Wireless Music Center: Noblesville, IN: 5
  12. Blossom Music Center: Cuyahoga Falls, OH: 4
  13. Donington Park: Castle Donington, ENG: 4
  14. DTE Energy Music Centre: Clarkston, MI: 4
  15. E Center: West Valley City, UT: 4
  16. Hallenstadion: Zürich, ZH: 4
  17. Makuhari Messe: Chiba, JP: 4
  18. Manchester Apollo: Manchester, ENG: 4
  19. Nikon at Jones Beach Theater: Wantagh, NY: 4
  20. Nissan Pavilion @ Stone Ridge: Bristow, VA: 4


That's it for now. If you have any idea or wishes what type of statistics/numbers you want to see just post them here and I will see if there is something I can do :)

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Amazing job. However, a few corrections. Wantagh was definitely more than four. 2001 x2, 2004, 2007, 2008, 2012, 2014. That's seven. I think it's the leading one. Bristow has to be more than four. 2001, 2004, 2007, 2008, 2012, 2014. That's six. Mountain View with six is correct, I think, but I'll recount.


Maybe the venue name changes threw you off. We decided against changing them every time a name change happens, because we want to keep them at the name it holds when LP plays there.


I need to clean up that Family Values Tour 2001 (maybe MWT 2004 too) stuff, I think all the rescheduling of that tour skews these stats a bit as there truly aren't that many canceled shows. Let me fix that today and we can adjust them. I'll just post what I remove, and we can just subtract those numbers. For example, if the tour is rescheduled before it's even officially announced, or just after that, that shouldn't count as CANCELED unless it's like Turkey 2008 when LP didn't play the city at all (or Pensacola 2004).

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I just grabbed the shows from the year pages and if it was written in red my scrip classified it as canceled.

For the amount of shows per venue: I am doing this automated with scripts so there is no way to know which venue names belong together.

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The venues are definitely off, there's also a list in a different thread somewhere.


Technically Los Angeles is the most played city since West Hollywood, North Hollywood etc. are parts of LA.


Actually I started working on a statistics page a while ago, it's about halfway finished, with most played countries, US states, cities, venues excluding canceled shows and also no Third Encore. The page is locked but here's a screenshot.


Suggestions are appreciated, I want to do as much as possible with database queries, which is not possible for the venues though so that has to be updated manually.


Another tiny thing that I noticed you counted 988 shows, while the database says 989 did you include the Relative Degree show?


It didn't occur to me at all that we can actually figure out the 1000th show as Linkin Park, I thought we'd never know for sure since there are so many gaps in the beginning.

897 played shows but that still includes HT/Xero shows and a few Third Encore performances that were not public.

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I did all the statistics by scrapping the data from the year pages. So I counted every show that is listed on that pages.

Also the venues is something that can't be done automatically since names change and someone would have to match them all by hand all the time.

And I agree, we are probably missing a shitload of shows so the actual 1000th show probably already happened. Nevertheless I guess it's a cool thing to know when the 1000th show gets listed on LPL.


If someone is interested on how I fetched the data, it's on my github account (https://github.com/t-sauer/lpl-scrapper/). I plan on expanding it in the upcoming days and weeks.

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Well I think it's important to know the exact 1,000th show AS Linkin Park. Including Hybrid Theory shows is impossible since they played so many we don't know of, even 42 label showcases + AZ/CA tour dates, etc. That already happened I'm sure, 1000 for HT + LP, but that's not very important. What we need is the LP number.


Lmao it's very possible the 1,000th show could be a TV performance. We are counting all the 1 song performances, etc, too. It doesn't make sense to start excluding any shows because LP has done so many 3, 5, 6, 8 song performances over time, so let's just stick with it all.


Quick 2001 stats (reposting here so I don't lose it): 164 shows.

HT European Promo Tour:
3 full shows
1 TV appearance
1 radio appearance
1 TV appearance (after that)
Total (of both): 5 live performances
Street Soldiers Tour:
20 full shows
1 full festival show
1 soundcheck party set
Total: 22 live performances
Deftones European Tour:
19 full shows
1 TV appearance
Total: 20 live performances
US-to-Europe Tour:
21 total shows
(split amongst headlining and festival/radio shows)
45 total shows in that period
(split amongst Ozzfest, OFFEST, radio shows, and Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame)
*1 canceled show at a festival*
HT Euro Headlining Tour:
8 full shows
1 radio show
1 TV concert
*3 canceled shows*
1 radio show (after that)
Total (of both, excluding canceled shows): 11 live performances
Family Values Tour:
27 shows (tour was rescheduled a bunch so we list those shows too)
Total: 27 live performances
Countdown To Revolution Tour
9 shows
4 radio shows
Total: 13 live performances
2001 totals:
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And technically Jones Beach/Wantagh/Nikon isn't close to NYC. NYC I'd consider MSG, Irving Plaza, Hammstein, etc. Jones Beach is on Long Island, 3 counties away.


Agreed. The public transportation to get to Wantagh is hellacious, as we saw in 2012 and 2014. Definitely never seeing LP there again, it's just not worth the extreme hassle for this venue over an hour away from NYC.

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Can someone check if these numbers match the number of shows listed on the year pages?


2015 45
2014 67
2013 18
2012 59
2011 61
2010 35
2009 19
2008 85
2007 91
2006 5
2005 2

2004 83
2003 102
2002 23
2001 184
2000 and Earlier 110

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I just counted manually by clicking each year page and adding up the shows themselves. Wrote it down and counted twice. There is room for error but this is what I have:

2000 (ONLY Linkin Park, no Pre-LP): 21, 35, 22, 12 = 90

2001: 165

2002: 21

2003: 18, 12, 24, 10, 11, 10 = 85

2004: 34, 10, 33 = 77

2005: 2

2006: 5

2007: 7 third encore, 10, 18, 32, 10, 11 = 88

2008: 11, 19, 18, 26 = 74

2009: 19

2010: 6, 16 (NOT COUNTING berlin rehearsal), 11 = 33

2011: 23 (counting sunrise rehearsal), 2 (NOT COUNTING june 2nd rehearsal), 17, 12 = 54

2012: 4 (NOT COUNTING may 5th rehearsal), 18, 24, 10 = 56

2013: 12 (counting the 2 person acoustic one), 6 = 18

2014: 5 (counting the 2 person one), 13, 30, 18 = 66

2015: 4, 8, 5, 11 = 28

Total: 881

You counted the rehearsals Thomas so with those it's 884. But 880 after 2015 is the exact amount of played LP shows IMO. FYI I subtracted those 3 rehearsals because those 3 are the only 3 in the entire live guide where fans were not there. The 2 at Third Encore we have setlist images from by Sean Paden, so we added them. The 3rd is Berlin 2010. LP must have invited label guests or some winners of a competition or something, because we have a pass for that by MLK. None of those 3 should be included IMO. But I counted Third Encore 2007 since those were released.

I guess it's up to us to figure out exactly WHAT to include.

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Ok here are my yearly countings:


2000 (only LP): 90

2001: 165 (Seems we're one off here)

2002: 21

2003: 85

2004: 77

2005: 2

2006: 5

2007: 88

2008: 74

2009: 19

2010: 34 (including rehearsal)

2011: 55 (including rehearsal)

2012: 57 (including rehearsal)

2013: 18

2014: 66

2015: 28

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Recounting, 165 is correct. I should have counted this time, sorry. I was forgetting Seattle 2001 since we added it to the live guide after I made that list originally.


881 played, 884 listed.


Now to count the real canceled shows vs the stupid rescheduled stuff. Let me remove some of that 2001/2004 nonsense.

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  • 1 year later...

Bump. New touring cycle starting soon.


Linkin Park shows: 976


This includes the 2017 shows, plus China 2016. I deleted 2 shows from the site today, the 2 rehearsals with no fans (2011, 2012). So 974. Includes zero canceled shows, includes the 2017 dates already announced on the site (5). 969 played.


Count starts at June 9, 2000 (first confirmed LP date).


Here's a list of what we should NOT count:

http://lplive.net/shows/db/2001/20010126-1 I don't think we should count separate performances on the same day. If we count Endsession/Seattle 2001 as two shows then we have to count Jimmy Kimmel Live and iHeartRadio Theater 2x in 2014 and also Madrid EMA 2010 + rehearsal 2x. That makes no sense, if they played the same day for a rehearsal or soundcheck party or something, just count it once. That means we can remove Sunrise 2011 preshow rehearsal etc from the count.

http://lplive.net/shows/db/2010/20101019 We can't 100% confirm fans were there. We will unfortunately have to remove that from the list.

http://lplive.net/shows/db/2011/20110909 Chester sang over pre recorded instrumental. That's no show.

http://lplive.net/shows/db/2013/20130628 Chester Phoenix acoustic. That's no show.

http://lplive.net/shows/db/2014/20140321 Chester Mike piano. That's no show.

http://lplive.net/shows/db/2016/20160630 Chester Joe solo. That's no show.


Once we figure out what we don't count, then we can work on the final number.

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I don't undestand why promo shows like TV Total 2007 or the Grammy Awards 2006 count as shows. They aren't a show to me. The band doesn't even consider them as shows. In 2006, they said Summer Sonic were the only shows they played in 2006. IMO, there should be an entire section for promo shows and shit like that. You can't compared one song at the Grammy's in 2006 with a Summer Sonic show.....

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