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LPTV - Summer Festivals and The Storm


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For the short amount of time it was alright but I really don't like short videos. They completely cut out anything about Brad's absence at one festival (family emergency so I doubt they would cover that) and Benjamin playing again. I can't tell what Brad is trying to say about the show being cancelled or what his argument is either. But a few funny parts were still there. They could have showed Phoenix's VyRT chat instead of Chester not wearing a jacket. ITE and Papercut sounded great (plus you can hear the strings for a rare occasion at 2:00) but they could also do stuff for the new songs. I mean ALITS got a longer video about just the rehearsal and live debut, this was a week's worth of footage condensed way too much and leaving out good stuff.



Also, Devil's Drop? They totally missed an opportunity with the ALITS intro over the footage of the storm.

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Pretty bad LPTV. Really short. I'm surprised they didn't even include 10 seconds of a m&g or something.


Missed an opportunity at ROTR to show Benjamin. They were late taking the stage, I'm sure they were working something out backstage.


Not sure if Brad is serious or joking in the middle.


There seriously was only 2 mins of footage from 4 festival shows? Nothing from RIRUSA. They were backstage with OM&M and Metallica...surprised none of that made it.

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