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From Julien-K's Facebook & Twitter:








Well …. except we need to master and package it! And that is why we need your help!

We are going to try crowdfunding (INDIEGOGO) after you (our fans) were overwhelmingly positive about crowdfunding when asked by US over the last year or so. So we're going for it! This coming Monday, the 26th of January, we are going to launch a 30 day campaign in an effort to raise the money we need to finish the record, and with your help, raise even more so that we can play more shows outside of LA, and promote the record!

We came up with such a cool and unique campaign (well … we think it is - you tell us). We are super excited to show everyone the rad new merch/clothing/and special items I will not mention here, as well as the cover art (unveiled day of our Indie campaign), and then, shortly after we end our campaign, we send everyone our new record and cool Julien-K stuff - as promised (we said around March!).


Your support will mean the world to us!

CA_X: AB/DC - Stay tuned throughout the campaign. We are going to be doing some interactive stuff that should be pretty cool throughout the month smile emoticon smile emoticon :) :)

Thank you!!

Love, Ryan

PS: Please send us some good questions about the Indiegogo campaign and the new record - Amir and I will pick some of the best questions and answer them on the 1st campaign video just a few days after launching!


any thoughts?

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I loved California Noir, good track, btw, will give a listen to their other 2 tracks


Updates from their FB






California Noir Ch. 1:


Analog Beaches & Digital Cities


Chapter one of our first concept / double album is fully recorded and mixed!


Our first campaign update video will feature Amir and I answering questions that you are asking us regarding the campaign, the album, our future - whatever matters to you - taken from all our social platforms.


Thank you so much for your support! We really need you now.




- Love Ryan"


Latest one:











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All Right.... The Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign has begun:


Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MyLdk6mqJUQ


Page: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/julien-k-california-noir-chapter-one




The California Noir movement continues.
CA Noir is a lifestyle, an esthetic, the soundtrack to your dreams and hallucinations. CA Noir is your ambition, your yearning, your fantasy.
In July 2014 we embarked on this journey with our 3 song prelude / summer collection, to critical acclaim. The CA Noir phantasm became an audio-visual statement in November with the release of the haunting video for the title track, showcasing our struggle to discover the meaning of the California dream.
Join us on the next phase of this adventure.
We are Julien-K, an indietronic electro-garage band from Long Beach, CA. We are humbly and gratefully asking our fans and friends to partner with us and help us finish and deliver the first chapter of our new concept album:
California Noir - Analog Beaches & Digital Cities.
We can not complete this album without our fan participation.
This is the new fact of life for small and independent bands like Julien-K. We must get our fans and friends to participate with us.
CA Noir is an ambitious undertaking. We have recorded over 2 albums worth of material for this collection, but we are at the end of our ability to personally finance this huge body of work. We have decided to break the album up into 2 chapters and ask for our fans help in mastering and delivering California Noir, Chapter One - Analog Beaches & Digital Cities.
What We Need & What You Get:

We have designed and priced our perks in a way that our fans & friends can truly help us make CA NOIR a reality, while providing an opportunity to purchase some exclusive, rare and unique items and experiences. By participating in the funding of this first chapter, you will help us finish & deliver our most ambitious project to date.

The Impact:

Surpassing our goal will be a huge help to Julien-K - - HUGE.

CA Noir will reinforce Julien-K as an avant-garde musical entity with engaged and supportive fans.

A successful campaign will be critical in our efforts to embark on a USA tour that our American fans have been begging for, and will be a massive contribution towards helping us go back around the world again (EU, Latin America, and so on).

Other Ways You Can Help:

We would be very grateful if you could use the Indiegogo share tools and any other means possible to draw attention to our campaign. Thank you!

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The outcome of the crowdfunding was better than I expected!


The fundraiser has gone from little to 92% in one day :D


2 people get to see JK for the rest of their lives :D


and look, Ryan has to write lyrics for 9 people!



I can't wait for their new stuff to come out :)



Well, the campaign has been a huge success, with $10,481USD raised of $10,000USD in just one day :D

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What can we say other than we are totally blown away!? We love you guys!

Thank you SO MUCH!


Now we’d like to ask for a couple of suggestions to push this further.


First, maybe we can add another cool perk to the campaign? If so what would you like to see? It has to be something the majority of you vote for (IMPORTANT).


Secondly, we’d like to raise the bar and set a new stretch goal of $20,000. If we reach this new goal this will help us play a show somewhere in the USA - because the USA was the overwhelming winning contributor yesterday (THANK U). Please give us your suggestions as to WHERE we should play this show! And to truly count the suggestions we need you to suggest a MAJOR city that you and your friends can easily make it to. We won't be able to do a city that we can't easily fly in and out of.


Europe and the rest of our amazing fans throughout the world: we have 29 more days to create another stretch goal!!! So let's hit this first one and then we can talk about a show overseas!


We now need you to leave us comments with your suggestions!



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the Campaign continues!





Julien-K ‪#‎CA_NOIR‬ IndieGoGo campaign continues.


Thank you so much to everyone who contributed and purchased so far - we had an amazing first day hitting our goal in 10 hours and a week later we’re at $15,000! Mastering of Chapter One has now been booked for Feb. 10. THANK YOU!


Now with 3 weeks to go in the campaign, we’ve been working hard to come up with some new ideas to crank it up another notch. We’ve also asked you guys where in the US you’d like us to see us play if we reach our stretch goal of $20,000 (so far the midwest and northeast are looking like the best possibilities).



We’re so amazed with the success of the campaign that we have decided to lower the price of the CA NOIR guitar to $2000 with a limit of only TWO available. We are able to do this because of YOUR support! smile emoticon smile emoticon Thank you so much!!


This week we are also adding many new perks & bundles : Check it out here: http://igg.me/at/CANOIR-Julien-K

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