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2014.11.12 - Leipzig, Germany


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The European Tour is flying by! We are already at show number seven of sixteen. Show seven takes Linkin Park to Leipzig, Germany, which is a city that they've only played once before, on June 18, 2011 when they took Projekt Revolution to Europe and headlined a large outdoor fairground (Festwiese) with direct support from Guano Apes, Dredg, Anberlin, and Middle Class Rut. How has it already been almost three and a half years since that show? Anyway, this show takes place at Arena Leipzig, which holds just 12,000 people so we all know that this show has been long sold out (like every other German show on the tour).

The rest of the tour has been going well, with huge crowds showing up for each and every show and the band clearly feeding off of that energy. Linkin Park has long been a band that kicks up the energy at the show when the crowd goes wild and Europe has really been bringing it for the first six shows of this current tour. Check out Mike and Chester out on the catwalk for Papercut in Amsterdam. Aaaand a nice "oh yeah" by Mike after the song.

In case you missed it, the Oberhausen show was filmed with 4K cameras as a test for the upcoming Berlin show DVD filming (and webcast) on November 19th, so if you're in Germany and can make it to that show, definitely take advantage of it as you'll be in the next live DVD released by Linkin Park. By the way, that's why Oberhausen was switched from Set B to Set A, since Berlin will also be Set A for the DVD.

Speaking of recordings, Europe must have invested in some better cameras this tour, because we are already seeing some incredible quality videos pop up from the tour as well as sources for most of the shows already! Check out this video from Oberhausen of Castle Of Glass. And if you're interested in audience recordings, we're beginning to get them listed on the show pages for this tour so hopefully we'll be able to link up some downloads soon.

At the last show in Hamburg, the band played Set B. Leipzig likely is set for Set A, but perhaps they'll do the same set twice in a row again. Leipzig is the fifth German show of nine on the tour but it is the first of THREE shows in a row for Linkin Park. The band typically does not schedule three shows in a row anymore, likely to give Chester's voice a rest and to reduce the chance that he gets sick since he's had a big history of becoming sick while on tour. The three in a row scheduling happens every now and then but this is the first time on The Hunting Party's touring cycle that it has happened. The last time was in January and unfortunately, Chester did fall sick then too for the Las Vegas and Los Angeles shows.

Leipzig (12th), München (13th), and Wien (14th) all fall in a row for the band and they also close out the tour with three in a row with Manchester and London (two nights). Oddly enough, the winter tour in 2015 has Atlantic City, Providence and Brooklyn as a three in a row run too....we'll see if Chester can manage to stay healthy that tour. For the rest of the 2014 tour dates, visit the 2014 tour page here and the 2015 tour page here.
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The guy who said 2 shows per tour is enough is going to five shows...^


Irresistible :P


I like the cities too. Nashville is fantastic and I have never seen a show at the Orlando arena. Greensboro because Nick D lives there. That's 3. KTTK and ALITS...aka new setlists so 2 more.

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