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2014.09.08 - Englewood, CO, Fiddler's Green Amphitheatre


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The Carnivores Tour is still going strong, and is taking its next stop in Colorado! Linkin Park, Thirty Seconds To Mars, and AFI will be taking the stage at the Fiddler's Green Amphitheatre in Englewood, Colorado on September 8, 2014. Linkin Park is no stranger to the city, as they've played there plenty of times before before: 2001, 2004, 2007, and 2012. In 2001, the band performed in Englewood as part of the Street Soldiers Tour, alongside Taproot and Alien Ant Farm. In 2004, the band visited the city on the 2004 Projekt Revolution, with Korn, Snoop Dogg, The Used, and Less Than Jake. Snoop Dogg came out on stage during the 'It's Goin' Down' portion of the Hip-Hop Medley to rap a verse from his song, 'Gin & Juice'. In 2007, the band returned with Projekt Revolution again, with My Chemical Romance, Taking Back Sunday, HIM, Placebo, and Julien-K. 'One Step Closer' featured an extended outro for the first time, however, it's not the outro we know today. Brad just played the riff a few times for fun. Since it was the last show of Projekt Revolution, Mike invited everyone onstage for the last song of the tour, 'Faint'. In 2008, the band returned yet again for Projekt Revolution, this time with Chris Cornell, The Bravery, ASHES dIVIDE, and the Street Drum Corps. Due to a strict curfew, the band went on half an hour earlier (8:50PM instead of the regular 9:20PM) and changed up the setlist a little. The 2012 show saw the band with MUTEMATH and Incubus for the Honda Civic Tour, and this is the show where the band changed up the rotation of the setlists - playing Set A instead of Set C. All of the shows, except in 2001, where at the same venue as the Carnivores show. Hopefully the band continues their good history in Englewood!


At the band's previous show in Dallas, Texas, they performed Set A. Set A includes 'Crawling' and 'Points Of Authority', while Set B includes 'With You', 'Dirt Off Your Shoulder/Lying From You' and 'Somewhere I Belong'. Over his solo medley, Mike performed the hybrid verse of 'Remember The Name'. Most of the performance went by just as usual! The band has yet to make any changes to their setlists on this tour, but they do have a few songs they could play off the bat! 'A Place For My Head', 'When They Come For Me', 'No More Sorrow', 'A Light That Never Comes', the rest of the rarities from Hybrid Theory, and a few more have been rehearsed for the tour, but not played. On two occasions in 2012, the band randomly whipped out 'A Place For My Head' when they were having technical problems (Bucharest and Noblesville). As sad as it is to admit it, I'm honestly hoping the band has a technical issue or two onstage so they could fill that time with a song they haven't played on tour yet!


Check out this video of Mike's solo medley from the last show in Dallas! Mike rapped a hybrid verse of Fort Minor's 'Remember The Name', which is a combination of the first and second verses. What songs do you think would go well over his medley! Take the poll we have setup! According to the results so far, fans want to see Mike rap 'High Voltage', 'Dedicated', and 'Step Up' among others!

AFI and Thirty Seconds To Mars are still going strong! AFI performed their regular set, opening up with 'The Leaving Song, Pt. II', performing new singles like 'I Hope You Suffer' and '17 Crimes', some old songs like 'Medicate' and 'The Days Of The Phoenix', and closing with the fan-favorite 'Miss Murder'! Two songs appeared early on the tour that were dropped from following setlists: 'A Single Second' and 'Beautiful Thieves'. Will we see those songs return eventually? Thirty Seconds To Mars' set also went as usual, opening with a song some older fans of the band may remember, Carl Orff's 'Carmina Burana: O Fortuna' as well as the bands single from their new album, Love Lust Faith + Dreams, 'Up In The Air'. They performed new singles like 'City Of Angels' and 'Do Or Die', new songs from their new album, 'Conquistador' and 'End Of All Days', and songs from their third LP, This Is War like 'Kings and Queens' and 'Search and Destroy'. During Jared's acoustic set, he performed the song 'Hurricane' from their previous effort, as well as the band's biggest song, 'The Kill (Bury Me)'. The band closed with an instrumental jam of Metallica's 'Enter Sandman' (the first time they've done so on tour, but it was a common occurrence in 2010 and 2011) and their single from their 3rd LP, 'Closer To The Edge'. Jared invited fans from the crowd to party onstage with them as they performed their final song! Other cool events at the show include giant balloons falling at the end of 'This Is War', tons of confetti, and Jared going deep into the crowd during 'Kings and Queens'!


If you haven't had the opportunity to check out a date on the Carnivores Tour yet, don't worry! Jared Leto's online ticketing service, VyRT, is planning to livestream Linkin Park's and Thirty Seconds To Mars' sets from the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, CA on September 15, which is just over a week away! You can purchase a $15 ticket for the event here, or purchase a bunch of extras for Thirty Seconds To Mars, which include a backstage tour, a post-show acoustic set, and more! Jared teased that Chester may join them for a song or two during the post-show acoustic performance, so be on the look out for that! Jared has been appearing on VyRT a lot recently, performing short acoustic sets and some exclusive stuff for MARS fans. Linkin Park also started taking advantage of the service, by allowing LPU members with a password to see the band's Q&A from their summit in Woodlands, TX a few days ago. Linkin Park is expected to plan many more events to be a part of VyRT, so get your first experience with the upcoming show!

Who's heading to the show? The band will likely perform Set B if they're staying consistent with their setlist rotation. Stop by the Music For Relief booth to donate to the cause of helping put an end to the ebola outbreak currently taking place in Africa. In other Linkin Park news, the 12th LPU Summit has been scheduled for Amsterdam on November 7, and the full theme song for Joe's movie, MALL, recently made its way to Youtube. We'll keep you updated on any changes in the setlist at the show both here and on our Twitter!


Check out the rest of Linkin Park's 2014 touring schedule here.


Show Page Notes

Date: September 8, 2014

Location: Englewood, Colorado

Venue: Fiddler's Green Amphitheatre

Tour: Carnivores Tour

Show #18 of 25



01. Mashup Intro #2 (w/ Session, 1stp Klosr, The Requiem, The Summoning, The Catalyst, Guilty All The Same)

02. Guilty All The Same
03. Given Up (Ext. Outro w/ Extra Note)
04. With You (Shortened Intro)
05. One Step Closer (Ext. Outro)
06. Blackout (Shortened (Intro and Partial Outro Instrumental Only); Ext. Papercut Beat Outro Transition)
07. Papercut (Shortened (No Second Verse or Second Chorus))
08. Rebellion (Ext. Intro)
09. Runaway (Shortened (Intro/First Verse/Chorus Only); Ext. Intro; Ext. Outro Transition w/ Wastelands Verse 1)
10. Wastelands
11. Castle Of Glass (Experience Version; Piano Transition Outro)
12. LOATR/SOTD/Iridescent (Ballad Medley)
13. Robot Boy (Shortened (Intro, Synth Bridge, and Ending Instrumental Only))
14. Joe Solo Medley (w/ Wretches And Kings, Victimized Remix, Buy Myself, Cure For The Itch, Session, Plc.4 Mie Hæd)
15. Numb (Numb/Encore Outro)
16. Waiting For The End (Apaches Intro w/ Until It Breaks Verse 2; Wall Of Noise Outro)
17. Final Masquerade
18. Mike Solo Medley (w/ Joe) (w/ Wretches And Kings, Remember The Name; Ext. Outro Transition)
19. Dirt Off Your Shoulder/Lying From You (2014 Abridged Version)
20. Somewhere I Belong
21. In The End
22. Faint (Ext. Outro)
23. Burn It Down (Shortened (No Second Verse or Second Chorus); Swirl Intro)
24. Lost In The Echo (Shortened (Intro/First Verse/First Chorus/Outro Only))
25. New Divide (Shortened (No Second Verse and Second Chorus))
26. Until It's Gone (Shortened (Intro/Hybrid Verse/Second Chorus/Transition Outro); Ext. Intro w/ Points Of Authority Rap 1)
27. What I've Done (Short Ticking Intro; Ext. Guitar Solo Bridge)
28. Bleed It Out (Ext. Intro; Ext. Bridge w/ Drum Solo + The Catalyst Refrain; Ext. Ending)


Show Notes:

- On the transition outro of 'Runaway', Mike rapped verse one of 'Wastelands'. Chester sang the first line of the bridge over the outro transition.
- Mike's solo portion of the show featured a 'hybrid' verse of 'Wretches And Kings', the chorus of 'Remember The Name' (by Fort Minor), and a hybrid verse from 'Remember The Name'.
- Mike rapped the verse from 'Points Of Authority' over the extended intro of 'Until It's Gone'.
- During the bridge of 'Bleed It Out', Rob performed a drum solo before the band sang a refrain from 'The Catalyst'.

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It's the opportunity for Daron to join them and play Rebellion, but I'm not holding my breath.


Good call Daniel.


However, with Rakim being less than an hour from the West Palm Beach show (he was in Miami), the Tampa show (he was in I think Kissimmee?), the Holmdel show (his home was nearby), and I THINK the Tinley Park show (another show by him) and he didn't show up ONCE....that gives me no hope for guests at the shows.


The band said they learned these songs so that guests can hop in and join them whenever they want, but I guess that was a false statement.

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Rakim not showing up at any of the East Coast shows (especially NY, his home), was ridiculous. Jay-Z has joined the band multiple times when they play in his area (NY is his home as well) and he came out at the Holmdel 2004 show, as well as the Madison Square Garden 2008 show. If Daron comes out at the Hollywood Bowl show and does Rebellion, that would be great. I think there current set flows all too well and quickly, not leaving much time for special things. In the past, they would talk inbetween songs, etc, but not it seems they just made random medleys and interludes to flow in between songs, that way there is never a pause in the show. I'm not sure how Rakim or Daron would really have time to be properly introduced if Guilty is literally the first song of the set and Rebellion is in the first half.

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I don't really care about Daron joining the band, he's just the guitar guy and to my ears Brad is playing the song just fine... also there's nothing to discuss the band won't do anything special so for those who are lucky to be at this show have a blast... enjoy the show in my honor lol


The only special thing to me is the DOYS mashup, it so good and the band took a time to create something new for us... Mike solo is awesome, Rebellion is insane, GATS is amazing


Blackout interlude was a bad idea... that song deserves to be played in full.

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The only special thing to me is the DOYS mashup, it so good


Thing was literally a trainwreck in Charlotte, Bristow, Mansfield and Wantagh. Joe plays REALLY loud samples over so much of it that it's almost impossible to tell what's going on. I never saw a good performance of it and I saw it 4 times. The band looks really clueless about it when they perform it. Not sure if it has improved or not but it was super messy the first 4 times.

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Thing was literally a trainwreck in Charlotte, Bristow, Mansfield and Wantagh. Joe plays REALLY loud samples over so much of it that it's almost impossible to tell what's going on. I never saw a good performance of it and I saw it 4 times. The band looks really clueless about it when they perform it. Not sure if it has improved or not but it was super messy the first 4 times.

I thought it sounded pretty good at Tinley Park.

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Brad would be the happiest guy on earth if Daron comes in and play his guitar part, and he would eventuallly try to convince him to play for the rest of the show except for Waiting For The End, where he will have a blast behind the keyboard.

This is probably true. Funny thing is, he is even playing that part wrong these days. Wrong timing.

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Looks like regular Set B. Mike's solo was regular Wretches and Remember the Name verses. Also seems like they've figured out DOYS / LFY.



Here's GATS, GU, WY, OSC, Blackout, and the beginning of Papercut.





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