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2014.08.30 - Clarkston, MI, DTE Energy Music Theatre


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The Carnivores Tour has one more stop in the month of August! Linkin Park, Thirty Seconds To Mars, and AFI will be headed to Clarkston, Michigan to play a show at the DTE Energy Music Theatre. Linkin Park has performed in Clarkston before - twice in 2001 (1, 2), 2004, and 2007. At both 2001 shows, the band performed as part of the Ozzfest, where they played alongside Black Sabbath, Slipknot, and Papa Roach. In 2004, Ivan the Urban Action Figure came out to dance during 'It's Goin' Down', and Jonathan Davis came out to sing his part during the extended bridge of 'One Step Closer' which featured '1stp Klosr' from Reanimation. Most recently (but still quite some time ago) in 2007, Chester dedicated 'Leave Out All The Rest' to the U.S. soldiers who were at the show, which is similar to what the band does before 'Wastelands' for the IAVA, as a response to their new partnership. Will the band add something special to the history of their time in Clarkston at the Carnivores Tour performance?


Yesterday, the band performed in Tinley Park, Illinois as part of 101WKQX's annual PIQNIQ event. On top of performing with the regular Carnivores Tour performers, they also performed alongside Local H, Wild Cub, Sleeper Agent, and Junior Prom. Other cool occurrences at the show include Mike rapping the first verse of 'When They Come For Me' over his medley, Mike rapping the verse from 'Points Of Authority' over the extended intro of 'Until It's Gone', and the band performing the new 2014 version of 'Dirt Off Your Shoulder/Lying From You' and the studio version of 'Somewhere I Belong'. The band performed a standard run through of Set B, so Clarkston can expect to see Set A (or a phantom Set C? Let's see that #MakeaSetC love!). While the band's setlists have stayed relatively the same throughout the tour (with the exception of Mike's Solo Medley varying from show to show), the band has a bunch of songs that they've rehearsed for the tour that didn't make the cut! Some of those songs include 'A Place For My Head', 'By Myself', and 'When They Come For Me', all of which are the top songs on our 2014 Live Poll, where you can vote for the songs that you want to see on the Carnivores Tour! If you're curious to see what other songs the band has rehearsed but not played throughout their career, check out this thread.


Check out this video of 'One Step Closer' live from Tweeter Center at the Waterfront (now the Susquehanna Bank Center) in Camden in 2004, where Jonathan Davis came out to sing during the extended bridge. We haven't seen any collaborations occur onstage during the Carnivores Tours yet... Funny enough, exactly two years ago in Colorado, on the Honda Civic Tour, Mike Einziger of Incubus came out for the first time on tour to jam with the band during 'Bleed It Out'. Do you think we'll see any collaborations happen?

AFI and Thirty Seconds To Mars are continuing to do an outstanding on on the tour! In Tinley Park, AFI performed their standard set, consisting of hits like 'I Hope You Suffer' and 'Miss Murder', as well as older songs including 'The Days Of The Phoenix' and 'Medicate'. AFI's set has stayed consistent throughout the tour, barring the first two shows back in Florida. At those shows, they performed two songs that were dropped from all following setlists: 'A Single Second' and 'Beautiful Thieves'. Will we see those two songs, or possibly any others return on the tour? Thirty Seconds To Mars also performed their usual set, opening with a song that many old-school fans will remember, Carl Orff's 'Carmina Burana: O Fortuna' and their new single, 'Up In The Air'. Their set also includes singles like 'This Is War' and 'Do Or Die', as well as some non-single songs like 'Search and Destroy' and 'End Of All Days'. During Jared's acoustic set, he took a few requests, as well as played the band's biggest single, 'The Kill (Bury Me)'. You can expect huge production from their set, including a ton of confetti and giant balloons flying everywhere. If you're located farther back in the venue and afraid you won't get a good view of the show, Jared Leto's got your back. During 'Kings and Queens', he'll journey all the way out to the back sections of the venue to sing and say hello! If you're in the pit, go crazy, because if Jared notices you, he'll bring you onstage for the last song, 'Closer To The Edge'! The other bands that performed as part of the 101QKWX PIQNIQ also did a great job: Local H performed an energetic set, featuring songs like 'High-Fiving MF' and 'Bound For The Floor'. Wild Cub also got the crowd moving by playing songs like 'Thunder Clatter' and 'Colour'. Sleeper Agent also got the crowds moving with songs like 'Get It Daddy' and 'By My Monster'. Junior Prom introduced the energy to the show by performing their song 'Sheila Put The Knife Down' and a few others.


Do you live somewhere that's not North America, or didn't get a chance to catch a show, but really want to experience the Carnivores Tour? You're in luck! Jared Leto's online ticketing service, VyRT, will be streaming Linkin Park's and Thirty Seconds To Mars' sets at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, CA on September 15. VyRT delivers an amazing quality performance, and lets the bands interact with the fans online directly from the stage! You can buy a ticket to view both sets for as low as $15. Buy your ticket soon, as Jared has been periodically popping up on VyRT, and performing short acoustic sets. In fact, he did one from backstage at the venue in Tinley Park! They were also planning to take the fans in the VyRT Chat onstage with them by streaming it, but the internet at the venue was very weak. This only means that they will likely try again, though! An admin of the site, Yasir, also said that there will be some exclusive VyRT Violets (lo-fi streams on VyRT) for those who have purchased a ticket. So if you're interested in seeing what goes on backstage at the venues, or are a fan of Thirty Seconds To Mars in general and would like to see a few acoustic songs from time to time, definitely check it out! You never know who could show up - maybe Mike or Chester could make a cameo!


Who will be heading to the show? Stop by the Music For Relief booth to donate to the cause of stopping the ebola outbreak in Africa, which isn't just affecting humans anymore. A very worthy cause. After this show, the Carnivores Tour will be on a week's break until the 5th. Linkin Park and AFI will both be taking advantage of the break, while Thirty Seconds To Mars has a show to play in Costa Rica. Who knows what will happen during the break - members of each band could spend some time with their families, plan some more surprises for the rest of the tour (Remember, #MakeaSetC!), or even accompany MARS to Costa Rica for some beautiful beaches and a great show! It would definitely be a good opportunity to try out a collaboration or two during MARS's set. For updates on the show, check back here on the site or follow us on Twitter!


Check out the rest of Linkin Park's 2014 touring schedule here.

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Clarkston 2004 - that's Camden 2004, not Clarkston...

I'm well aware of that. We have 0 information about the Clarkston show and I wanted to both put a) something relevant to Clarkston (since Jon Davis came out onstage in Clarkston 04 too) and B) something where I could talk about a collaboration.

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