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Linkin Park Live Instanbul 2009 (PROSHOT)


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the uploader is an ass, why not a good quality vid?


thx dude

maybe someone could contact him and try to abtain the original file;


I didn't know where to post this...hope this is the right section.


On youtube i found a full proshot of the Instanbul show of 2009. This video was uploaded today.

The quality is low, but I checked the show page and I didn't find this source!


Check this out:


The show was recorded by a turkish TV channel

they've also done a special TV including In The End, Lying From You and an interview with Chester

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My opinion about the 240p Proshot video? a bit off sync at times.


DreamTV uploaded the full show except the last song here: http://www.dreamtv.com.tr/content/6977/linkin_park_2009_rock_n_coke_performansi.html


and there is something related to LP In Turkey on Rutracker?


Also, I have a question, is the source info for the proshot correct here?


Source 1a: Video - PROSHOT (Dream TV)
Time: 19 mins
Comments: 'Session' through 'Lying From You' shown via a center angle camera online (in 6 parts); Dream TV showed a 10 minute report with clips of 'Given Up', 'From The Inside', 'No More Sorrow', 'Crawling' and a full version of 'In The End'. Audio on both showings is mixed.
and here's that 10 minute interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2PaaV5qreic
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