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Not really albums, but what's you're favorite LPU CD and why.

I illegally downloaded the LPU's but fully intend to one day purchase the ones i want (1.0,2.0,4.0,6.0)


Anyway, my favorite LPU is 4.0. I like it because it includes a cover of Wish, the Nine Inch Nails song and features possibly the greatest vocalist ever (Jonathan Davis) on One Step Closer. 6.0 is cool too because of Reading My Eyes with Chester. That rocks!

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I enjoyed LPU's 4 and 6 as well. Loved the cover of Wish on 4 and 6 had everything from a new instrumental, to a new song, to songs played differently (Pushing Me Away Piano). LPU 3 cd kinda disappointed me because it was the 5 tracks that werent on the Audio CD part of Live In Texas, and they just so happened to be the 5 heaviest songs (in my opinion) lol. I only listen to Breaking The Habit from LPU 5 because I love how Chester interacts with the crowd with the lyrics. Thats my input lol

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IMO 1.0 doesn't really count as an LPU CD, it's just a re-release of HTEP for the old LPU members. In a sense neither does 3.0 cuz it's just a sister cd to live in texas. I really like LPU 2.0, 4.0, and 6.0. Qwerty, RME, Standing In The Middle, High Voltage (Live in London), Wish, Hip Hop Medley, With You (Live in London), and PMA (Piano Version) own all. Of course I also loved APFMH from Live in Texas so I like tht song from LPU 3.0.

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