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LP - 15.08.2014 - Camden, NJ


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My M&G/Side Stage Experience (Minus Actual Show Review).

I arrived at the venue right about 4:00 PM, just as the rest of the LPL group arrived from their ferry ride from Philadelphia to Camden - I'd dropped them off in Center City to go back to my home to get my ticket and poster to be signed at the meet and greet. After waiting in line to get the deluxe packages, wristbands and lanyards, I entered the venue. I hung out at the MFR booth for a couple of hours with the LPL crew and other volunteers as I no real interest in seeing AFI or 30STM, I made my way to the preassigned meeting point in the venue for the Meet & Greet at 8:00 PM

Problem number 1. The 5 of us who'd obtained the red side stage wristbands were never given the gold M&G wristbands and security initially would not allow us to pass. Lorenzo swooped in, saving the day, authorizing us to go back with him. Heart attacks averted, for the time being.

The meet and greet was a good time. They had the Deluxe/Premium ticket people separate from the LPU meet and greet, which was good because there was only so much room for us to congregate in the designated area. The band chose where they'd start in line to sign things... And Mike ended up choosing me as his first signee as I was at a convenient corner of the room. I don't recall exactly what I said to him, but I'm sure it made absolutely no sense as I fumbled for my words a bit. Next, a quick chat and a fist bump from Chester followed, then Phoenix stopped to take note of how long I must have been a fan, given the age of the poster he was signing for me. The other 3 guys were gratious enough to at least stop and talk to each and every one of us while signing, even Brad, who generally likes to get in and out in a minimal amount of time. No surprise though that he was the first one done signing.

Post meet and greet, the 5 of us side-stagers were told to meet at 9:00 PM sharp on the Ben Franklin side of the venue.

Problem number 2. We arrive at the correct place and time, only to have venue security inform us that they had no idea what we were talking about and that any backstage entrance would be on the Walt Whitman side of the venue. We get there, and, of course, security has no idea what we're talking about. Fortunately, fate blessed the group, as Lorenzo happened to be entering the men's room nearby at the time. I yelled for him before he made it in (sorry about that, Lorenzo!) and he contacted the side stage organizer to come pick us up on that side instead. Heart attacks again averted, Lorenzo saving the day again.

I have never had such an awesome experience as the one I had that night. Immediately upon stepping on stage, I saw a number of LPL staff down in the pit - Hoping someone got a decent picture of me! We all waited nervously as the crew finished they last minute details for the show. Camera ready in hand, the lights dimmed, the intro started and the band errupted on stage. In what seemed like a few blinks of the eye, our three songs were over and we were being hurried out backstage to make our way to our seats. I missed only about a third of One Step Closer before I made it back to my seat in the 2nd row behind the pit area and enjoyed yet another awesome performance from the greatest rock band on Earth.

Unfortunately, when I got home and watched my footage taken on stage, the video came out great but I'd apparently held my finger over the mic for much of the performance, so the audio is muffled. I'll get around to replacing it with another source and sharing the video here in the near future.

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I've just watched the proshot show recording, it was amazing, even the set seemed to be great. Of course if you look at it on the paper it looks awful, but when you hear it it's amazing, but they could add some stuff for hardcore fans anyway.


The outro of COG, wasn't just piano transistion, I would call it just extended outro, since it featured Chester singing and Brad playing guitar.


Amazing Rebellion performance, the last chorus showed that Mike can hit the high notes, but I think he was too high in the mix compared to Chester


I got really annoyed that, there was autotune or/and other effect on Chester's voice during the Final Masquerade performance, it was amazing anyway.


Brad played the intro of GU on the same guitar that he played GATS, but he changed the guitar during the song.


I liked the ITE performance, for the first time in a long time, probably because the strings was higher in the mix.


I think it was one of the best (if not the best) show this year. Chester struggled a bit with his voice, but it was ok. There was a lot of different effects put on the voices. I liked the crowd sound being raised up in the mix when it were shown. I think WY verse really fit to UIG, both lyrically and by the sound. By the way, there was a guy in the crowd during BIO outro that screamed together with Chester singing.

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