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STP Loud Park Tokyo, JP 2013 Proshot [5 Songs]


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Back in the middle of October of last year, Stone Temple Pilots headed to Japan for two shows - one in Saitama-shi (basically Tokyo) for Loud Park and one in Osaka as a headline gig. These shows came right after their appearances on the Tonight Show With Jay Leno and KROQ's Kevin & Bean Show.


The Loud Park show has had an audio recording available from the Japanese bootleggers for quite a while (which no one has bought and shared yet, as far as we know), but just recently the Japanese WOWOW TV station showed five proshot songs from the show as a part of their Loud Park 2013 special. Thanks to forum member Ziron, you can now download those below!


Posted Image


Posted Image

(click to enlarge)


01. Down

02. Vasoline

03. Dead & Bloated

04. Interstate Love Song

05. Trippin' On A Hole In A Paper Heart


Quality: HDTV

Format: 1080i MPEG-2 TS

Bitrate: 20 Mbps

Size: 2.74 GB

Length: 19 min 15 sec


HDTV .ts (1080i) 2.74 GB (Mega.co.nz Link) | DOWNLOAD

Show page


The reason we didn't go ahead and upload this on YouTube for everyone is because WOWOW usually gets their content taken down ASAP, so it would be a wasted effort. Sorry!


Thanks to Ziron for the recording! Enjoy!

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The simple answer is that most of these claims happen automated, the reason these got away is that they either don't have the WOWOW channel logo or have it covered up / blurred.


The problem is not that they just claim copyright, like you usually get for LP stuff, you get strikes for these and you can very quickly loose your channel.

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