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Meteora Tour Revisited: 24.01.2004 Toronto, ON


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Coming a few days after the 10th anniversary of the show, the fourth show in our "Meteora Tour Revisited" series is Toronto, Ontario 2004. Like Montreal (our last download), this was the band's first show in Toronto since Summer Sanitarium 2003 where it was the second show of the tour (show page here). Toronto is usually a stop on most of Linkin Park's North American tours.


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At this stop of the tour, we see one of the best guitar players that has ever been brought up by the band - a kid named Alex. Needless to say...he nails it. This is also the show that has the recording of Mike's wireless mic feed. Popularly referred to as an IEM (in ear monitor) recording over the years, we learned recently that that is not correct and it's actually the wireless mic feed. We will be posting that recording soon. There are some big gaps between shows with recordings coming up, so we are saving it for one of those posts.



01. With You (Reanimation-style)

02. Runaway (Transition Intro)

03. Papercut

04. Points Of Authority

05. Don't Stay (Ambient Intro)

06. Somewhere I Belong

07. It's Goin' Down (Acapella Intro)

08. Lying From You

09. Nobody's Listening (Ext. Outro)

10. Breaking The Habit (Long Piano Intro)

11. From The Inside (Ext. Intro)

12. Faint (with Sal)

13. Numb

14. Crawling (Short KRWLNG Intro)

15. In The End (Short Ambient Intro)


16. My December (Guitar Transition Outro)

17. P5hng Me A*wy

18. A Place For My Head (Ext. Intro & Bridge)

19. One Step Closer (Reanimated Bridge; w/ Sonny Sandoval, Doug Robb & Dan Marsala)


DVD Video (torrent from LPL) | DOWNLOAD

Show page


We are covering the entire North American tour with all known CIRCULATED recordings (meaning we will not be posting anything that is uncirculated, like San Diego, the Texas shows, etc). Next up is Rosemont on the 29th.

The first download was Uniondale, the second was Cleveland and the third was Montreal.



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