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6th Album Pics Thread


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LPA has a similar thread. Post pics for the 6th album! LP and Mike are always uploading pics from the studio, etc. Share the pics all in this thread.


EDIT: We should also share video from the studio for the 6th album as well. Basically any form of media (pic, video, etc) can be shared here. This is a good thread to get everyone hyped up for the new album!

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These are the latest photos from the studio:



Chester in the studio.




"Oh yeah, Instagram. Forgot about that. Been too busy in the studio."



Forgot about this one. Seems like guitars are a big focus on these studio pictures and hopefully on the next album too.

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All signs keep indicating to a ''heavier'' LP album. Chester first said it back in mid 2013 when he said the stuff Mike was writing was super heavy and stuff and also that Mike was listening to a lot of metal, punk and hardcore music. We all know LP usually listens to music to give them inspiration while writing albums or they usually won't listen to music at all. Also, Mike said he wants to ''revive the rock scene'' a bit with the next album and that he hopes to get a movement going. Mike also has been hanging out with Austin Carlile from Of Mice & Men a lot (super heavy band) and they just played a show with The Offspring and Bad Religion, both punk bands. I am so pumped up about this, but I can't get too excited because this album might end up being the opposite of this.

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