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  1. Just wanted to add another thing. The fact that the """""""""""old lp fans"""""""""" says this sounds like hybrid theory or meteora just makes them less credible in whatever they say (if that is even possible). The fact that they think LP is returning to their "old nu-metal sound" shows that they know nothing about linkin park and are just big phat phonies who happened to listen to in the end and numb a few times years ago.
  2. I really love this song I think the lyrics are a fresh breathe of air. Rakims verse is just sick. Nice to finally see guitars take a bigger place now, i always respected brad's style (and mike ofcourse). Listening to something from meteora sounds really pop now. Good job LP.
  3. I gave it some time and now i love the song. Rakims verse is sick and the instrumental is awesome. "Too sick to be ashamed" is a great line. Still, Chester could've gone a bit harder especially on the chorus.
  4. These are the latest photos from the studio: Chester in the studio. "Oh yeah, Instagram. Forgot about that. Been too busy in the studio." Forgot about this one. Seems like guitars are a big focus on these studio pictures and hopefully on the next album too.
  5. Hah, i just read this thread and happened to be listening to the live performance in Webster hall. It is damn amazing. If there are people who haven't listened to it (i really hope not) you should the best performance of BTH is performed here and arguably the best crawling (maybe after RaR 2004)
  6. Yeah it's horrible but it's Brad talking so it makes up for it
  7. Here is a fairly new interview from Brad on the radio: https://soundcloud.com/fantasybros/brad-del...interview-music I quote Brad: "I have been playing my guitar alot"
  8. I have to agree, this was their best burn it down. Previously I did not enjoy it live, but this i listened to several times.
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